Various people have adapted the TooFatLardies' company-level rules I Ain't Been Shot, Mum (WW2) and Charlie Don't Surf (Vietnam) for other, more modern periods.

Elsewhere in this section of the site, you'll find my own army lists for the Six Day War (along with After Action Reports and a gallery of my figures), below you will find After Action Reports using IABSM or CDS to fight games from the wargames period encompassed by the word Moderns i.e. anything after about 1970.

1970's Africa

Cassinga by Mark Kinsey

Chetequera by Mark Kinsey

1980's Cold War Europe

Stellingbostel by Egg

1982 Falklands Conflict

Run Up To Goose Green by Count Belisarius

1982 Lebanon

Beirut '82 by Mark Kinsey

Clearing the Orange Groves by Jon Yuengling

Fight at Ishiya by Jon Yuengling

Find the Pilot by Jon Yuengling

Long Road by Jon Yuengling

SLA vs PLO by Jon Yuengling

South of Sidon by Jon Yuengling