TFL Christmas Special 2009

Originally posted 20th December 2009


Whether you're into things Lardy or not, I recommend you buy the TFL Xmas Special 2009: packed full of wargaming information and scenarios, and incredibly good value as well: 123 pages for a mere £5.

I have three pieces in the special:

Get Your Frickin' Tentacle Out Of My Face is a sci-fi variant for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! that allows you to use all those weird and wonderful alien figures you have hidden at the back of the cupboard for some super sci-fi gaming.

The Defence Of Crap Island  is an early war Pacific theatre scenario featuring US Marines defending an atoll against Japanese invasion. Rumours that it was written purely to make Terry shut up are exaggerated!

Tottensontag is a 1942 Western Desert scenario featuring the Afrika Korps in action against the South Africans.

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