Nova Respublik Army List for Q13

Originally posted 25th November 2013

A new army list for Q13 based on  Khurasan Miniatures range of futuristic Soviets: the Nova Respublik.

This is a very nice collection of figures with plenty of options. There are some good, solid infantry backed up by proper support weapons and a brilliant high command set. Four variants of the same basic medium tank chassis, two APCs, one general transport, and the absolutely super Doe gunship. Add in walkers and robot guns, and you have everything you need to build a rounded company and supports.

Here's the gunship:

US WWW2 List

Originally posted 15th October 2013

Clockwork Goblin have released the next in their excellent range of US Weird World War II figures: the Hyena Light Jump Walkers based on the Coyote Light Walker with added flamethrower and jump pack; and the heavy infantry heavy weapons (looks like a bazooka to me).

Now all we need is the Jump Infantry to go with the Hyenas...and I'm sure there were supposed to be some medium Jump Walkers as well...Mudskippers IIRC. Anyway, when I met the Goblin at Colours recently, he said the Jump Infantry were on the way soon. He didn't mention the Mudskippers though! 

I knew I wasn't imagining things!

I knew I wasn't imagining things!

Gitungi Army Lists

Originally posted 15th October 2013

Odd one here, as Micropanzer seems to have decided that the Gitungi will no longer enjoy the Recovery, Assault and Destroyer Drones as support weapons: these are now part of Dark Star Games' Spec-Sec range! And there was I thinking the transfer window was over! 

Anyhow, I've deleted the Destroyer Drones from the list (I didn't like them anyway!) but have kept the other two (the figures are already painted!) and added some superheavy tanks from Khurasan. These are currently weighing down one end of my painting table (they are enormous!) but will be joining the Gitungi forces soon. 

I'm also hoping Micropanzer will soon release the next wave of Gitungi infantry. Some different poses and some Specialists. Must remember to buy them as soon as they are out...before they too disappear somewhere else! 

Gitungi Assault Drones: now you see you don't!

Q13: The Ursids Updated

Originally posted 15th April 2013

I have updated the Ursid army list with details of the Lesser Ursids: slightly smaller bear-like aliens from Stan Johansen Miniatures. In my Ursid army list, the Greater Ursids (from Khurasan) are pure mercenaries, soldiers if you like, and the Lesser Ursids are miners who fight as militia armed with a variety of sidearms and converted mining equipment, including triple-barrelled mining lasers mounted on grav platforms. Tasty!

Garn List Updated

Originally posted 29th March 2013

The promised update to the Garn/Felid list as I add the Mako weapons system just released by Khurasan. 

I've also added a picture of the Mako figures taken from Khurasan's website, showing how the system works. You buy the guns (a mortar and a twin-barrelled piece) with the crew you want (there are crew figures available for most of Khurasan's main ranges), and then choose the mounting you want: either a static stand or a small tractor. This multi-race approach really has to be the way forward for multi-range, sci-fi figure manufactures.

Q13 Army Lists

Originally posted 4th March 2013

As an example of how Q13 army lists can constantly evolve, I have also re-organised my Space Bug, Hive and Stikk army lists. 

The Space Bugs are now the pure Highlander Studio range, unpolluted by other figure manufacturers. 

Now that I've actually built and painted a Skuttler tank from Khurasan's Stikk (Entomol) range, I've realised that the antennae on its, er, rear end are just crying out to be defined as having an EWSO function. So the list has been changed to reflect that.

Finally, I've now gathered together all my red bug-types into one mashed together army list called The Hive. This contains Highlander's Space Bugs; some of Khurasan's Stikk range; and a few other bits and pieces. We'll see who wins next time we play "Invasion Earth"!

Q13 Army Lists

Originally posted 8th January 2013

I've updated three Q13 army lists on the site: the Space Bugs from Highlander Studios (a few tweaks following the game, below); the Quar from Zombiesmith (to take into account their new Coftyran releases); and WWW2 Americans with experimental weapons from Clockwork Goblin (tweaks and new releases). I've also added the Stikk (a.k.a. the Entomal) range of bugs from Khurasan.

Space Bugs

The Quar


The Stikk


GYFTOOMF: Army Lists

Originally posted 28th September 2010

I've updated some of the army lists for Get Your Frickin' Tentacle Out Of My Face (the sci-fi variant of IABSM) to take into account new releases from Khurasan Miniatures. These include two ridiculously superheavy vehicles for the Garn (the tank variant is shown below) and the Myzontid Ranger infantry for the Pelagic Dominate (the standard infantry grouping also shown below).

Garn Crocodile class SuperHeavy tanks from Khurasan

Myzontid Rangers from Khurasan

GYFTOOMF: Protolene Khanate

Originally posted 30th March 2010

I've added details for Critical Mass Games' Marrok Walkers: medium walkers to support the Protolene Khanate infantry.

The image below doesn't really do justice to the size of this thing, but a 15mm infantryman comes in at under the walker's knee height!