This AAR is lifted from the Internet from a Hungarian language blog. Google Translate gave me a basic English text, but a text needing plenty of editing. Here, then, is my version, with my apologies for anything lost in translation. 

End of May 1940, Calais region. The Germans have surrounded the British Expeditionary Force, one part of which has taken refuge in a small village. There is no chance of rescue: proud Albion's army is in retreat everywhere. The battle seems to be lost, but the British would not give in and would try a desperate break out. 

Both sides were commanded by experienced wargamers. The Germans, commanded by yours truly, lined up along three sides of the table, with the British troops concentrated in the village in the middle. 

The German force was as follows: 

  • One platoon of leg infantry 

  • One platoon of motorized infantry in SdKfz 251 half-tracks 

  • One platoon of light tanks consisting of one Panzer I and one Panzer II 

  • One platoon of medium tanks consisting of two Panzer 38(t) and one Panzer III 

  • One reconnaissance platoon consisting of two SdKfz 231 

If I remember correctly, the British force ranged against us consisted of: 

  • One platoon of leg infantry 

  • One battery of two 2-pounder anti-tank guns 

  • One 3" mortar 

  • Four Matador trucks, one of which contained the Company HQ

The game began with the Germans advancing their reconnaissance units, including the light tanks, on the right wing; and their tanks and half-tracks on the left wing. In front of them, the British anti-tank guns protected the path to the village, and enjoyed considerable initial success.

The first few British shots at the German right wing attack shook one tank and damaged both the steering mechanism, the turret and main armament of another. On the left wing, the situation was even worse: after a few shots all three medium tanks were destroyed. Fortunately, the German half-tracks had got close enough for the infantry they carried to dismount and attack.

The German infantry charged forward, and despite heavy mortar and machine gun fire succeeded in routing the British infantry. 

The British anti-tank guns still seemed dangerous but their shots at the reconnaissance armoured cars went wild: there was much cursing at the dice! 

Meanwhile, the German light armour arrived and opened fire on the gunners with their machine guns. Many were killed, with the others seeking refuge in the grass: one gun was rendered hors de combat. It was amusing to see the British Company HQ scrambling for their lorries and attempting to flee the scene. 

The German armoured cars, having narrowly avoided fire from the British anti-tank guns, bumped into the fleeing British lorries. They opened fire, and KO'd one Matador. The other lorries, however, successfully made their escape. Those British soldiers left behind were still running everywhere and hid and prayed. 

The last anti-tank gun on the main square targeted the approaching light tanks. First shot, and the Pz II was set on fire. The second shot jammed the turret of a Pz I, but third emerged from the smoke undamaged and headed for the village unperturbed. 

In the final act of the battle, the German infantry forced the final British anti-tank gun crew to surrender, and heavy machine gun fire took out another British truck. The battle ended here. 

Although part of the British force escaped, many were captured or shot. Four guns and some mortars and machine guns were captured. The Germans, however, suffered an embarrassing loss of armour: three medium tanks, one light tank and one armoured car were destroyed; with another light tank and armoured car needing serious repairs. A significant set back for the invading Germans! 

All in all a very good game.