This was the afternoon game of IABSM from the 2015 Market Larden event. As the GM who had been due to run the game had unfortunately had to drop out, Geoff Bond stepped up and ran this game using the scenario and figures that had been brought for the morning session. Here's a quick report from Dave Rushton, one of the players.

The advancing Russians approached the village from the NE, splitting their forces on the outskirts. One force with armoured cars leading, then T34s plus tank riders, supported by SP Guns headed towards the village, whilst more T34s plus infantry headed through the fields for the NW approach road.

The Germans had deployed in depth, with infantry (plus Panzerschreks) in the cornfields NW and NE, artillery hidden well to the south behind dwellings, MGs deployed to cover the cross roads, and the Panzer covering both approach roads in cover.  Hence the early Russian probings had no results, and they seemed to become increasingly interested in the Church, which was empty. An initial Russian artillery stonk achieved little, as did a later airstrike against the Panzerjaeger force.

The German mortars opened up first and had some success, followed by a strike against the Russian SP guns as they slowly went past the cropfield to the NE. One gun was wiped out, but at heavy cost eventually to the German infantry who were hit by MG fire and then two T34s.  However, the Russian infantry soon reached the open ground near the crossroads and were in turn hit by the German MGs. The Russian armoured car section also took serious damage.The Russian tanks force to the NW managed an early serious hit on the Panther tank, destroying it's main gun and causing it to withdraw.

Meanwhile the two Jagdpanthers appeared to the south, moved to the highest ground available and commenced firing at juicy targets. The German Wespes had also abandoned cover and were engaging the two T34s to the NE. 

Unfortunately, that was where the game had to end. With a complete infantry Zug still undiscovered and about to open fire at close range, the Germans were confident. However the damage to the Panther would give the Russians confidence and allow freedom of movement. 

Dave Rushton