The TwoFatLardies D-Day Airborne Games day in 2008 (God, was it really that long ago?!) provided an excuse to buy a British parachute force. Unlike my German Fallschirmjaeger, I painted all these myself:  driving myself almost barmy trying to get them all done in time for the event! As it happens, they took the field without their MMGs but, I'm pleased to say, did themselves proud! 

Here is the Air Landing company: not intended to be dropped out of aeroplanes, but designed to be landed by gliders or transport aircraft. That means that the company actually has some heavy weapons support and, if you want to be slightly cheese-y, some light tanks as well. This is a well-equipped light company whose elite nature makes them a very formidable force either on the attack or in defence.


Core Troops

Company HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

Battalion Support

Mortar Platoon (3" Mortars)

MMG Platoon (Vickers MMgs)

Anti-tank platoon (6PDR at guns)


Divisional Support

Light Battery Troop (75mm Pack Howitzers)

heavy at gun platoon (17 pdr at guns)

heavy at gun platoon (17 pdr at guns)

Extempore reconnaissance troop

Armoured Recon Platoon (tetrarch light tanks)

Armoured Recon Platoon (tetrarch light tanks)