I think it has something to do with watching Where Eagles Dare as a kid, but as soon as Battlefront produced their Gebirgsjaeger, I knew I had to have some. It was also another excuse to put off buying a panzer grenadier company with all that that implies in terms of painting camouflage smocks! So below you have most of a company of German mountain troops, with all but the skiers coming from Battlefront (the skiers are from Peter Pig). The panzerschreck crew are Peter Pig German late war infantry bodies with a Gebirgsjaeger head-swap, and need some more Big Men, but I can proxy just about all the gaps. The Opel Maultiers are from Waugh Games.

The Battlefront figures are a weird mixture of exquisite and awful. Some of the figures, the Big Men or infantry gun crews, are literally the best I have ever seen, and take paint beautifully in the slightly cartoon-y way I like, but others are nothing but blocky manikins that, if I didn't need them to make up the numbers, I would seriously have considered throwing away. It makes me think that there must have been two sculptors on the range. Still, in all a lovely set of miniatures.    


Company HQ & Specialists

Kompanie HQ (2 x Big Men)

Kompanie HQ Anti-Tank Gruppe (2 x Panzerschrek Teams)

Schwerer Gruppe Mortars (3 x 81mm Mortar) 

Schwerer Gruppe MMGs (4 x MMG) 

Core Troops

1st Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe)

2nd Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe)

3rd Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe)


Battalion Support Troops

Battalion Heavy Mortar Zug (4 x 12cm Mortars)

Battalion MMG Gruppe ( 4 x MMG)

Battalion Transport/Tows: 8 x kettenkrad

battalion transport/tows: 3 x opel maultier

Regimental Support Troops

Anti-Tank Zug (3 x Pak38 AT guns)


(Understrength) Reconnaissance zug (1/3 x Rifle Gruppe on Skis)

FOO to Regimental Heavy Mortar Zug (4 x 12cm Mortars)

Divisional Support Troops

(understrength) mortar zug (3/6 x 8cm Mortars)

anti-tank zug (3 x Pak40 at guns)

Light Infantry Gun Zug (2 x 75mm Infantry Guns)

Panzerjaeger Zug (4 x StuG III)

anti-aircraft assets

anti-aircraft assets

artillery assets

artillery assets