My Gebirgsjaeger were originally bought to provide a late war German force for the eastern front in order to avoid painting the camouflage smocks that I would need for a contemporaneous company of Heer troops. See the gallery under Vpered Na Berlin  or Battle for Liberation.

Here, that late war force has been adapted and expanded to allow for troops that formed part of the German army that invaded Poland in September 1939. The main changes are really to strip away all the later war equipment (Kettenkrads, Maultiers, StuGs etc) and really go back to basics.


Company HQ & Specialists

Kompanie HQ (2 x Big Men)


Core Troops

1st Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe) [understrength]

2nd Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe)[UNDERSTRENGTH]

3rd Platoon (3 x Rifle Gruppe)[UNDERSTRENGTH]

HMG Platoon (4 x MMG) 

Battalion Support Troops

Light Infantry Gun platoon (2 x 75mm Infantry Guns)

medium mortar platoon (6 x 8cm Mortars)

pioneer platoon

scout platoon (2 x rifle zug)[understrength]

Divisional Support Troops

Anti-Tank Zug (3 x Pak36 AT guns)

foo to gebirgsgeschutz battery

FOO to heavy artillery battery

Air Support


anti-aircraft air support from messerschmitt me-109 fighters

air support from junkers ju-87 "stuka" dive bombers