The publication of the third edition of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! (IABSM) was quickly followed by the release of two updated theatre supplements: Battle for Liberation, covering the late war period on the western front; and Vpered Na Berlin, covering the late war period on the eastern front.  

I had been looking to model a 1939 Polish force for some time but, being someone who likes to have things handed to them on a plate, had been waiting for the v3 Blitzkrieg! theatre supplement to arrive before starting to buy figures. Until now, that is, when I have decided to produce IABSM v3-specific lists myself.

The impetus behind this project are the superb September 1939 campaign army lists for Flames of War that appear on the Anatoli's Game Room blog. Their author, Alexander Kawczynski, has given me permission to use his work as the basis for a set of IABSM lists which, combined with my own (much more limited) research, appear below as a series of free downloadable pdfs (click on the pics to download).

Below you will find printer-friendly pdf lists for the Polish Army of 1939 (54 pages); the German Army of 1939 (48 pages), and the Soviet Army of 1939 (19 pages). I've also included a pdf of Blinds that you can use for the campaign. Clicking on the picture will give you a pdf with Polish Blinds, Soviet Blinds and two versions of German Blinds: the accurate one with the plain white cross and the ones I prefer with the later war look.


The Polish Army of 1939

The Soviet Army of 1939

The German Army of 1939

Blinds for the September War

And don't forget that you can also buy my two September War scenario packs (fully compatible with IABSM v3) by clicking on the relevant picture of the front covers (below)

33 Scenarios for £9.95

33 Scenarios for £9.95

30 scenarios for £9.95

30 scenarios for £9.95


And don't forget that the first of the handbooks for the Battle of France is now available from the TooFatLardies website:  Blitzkrieg in the West #1: The French is available for £8.40. Click on the picture of the front cover to buy.

The handbook is 73 pages long, and covers the French Army from 1939 to the fall of France in 1940. It has twenty-nine force listings in it, all looking at core company structure and then the possible battalion, brigade, regimental, divisional and higher level supports. It also has a guide to rating your French forces, and a comprehensive armoury.

Handbooks covering the BEF, the Belgians and Dutch, and the Germans follow one per month in March, April and May this year (2018).

Blitzkrieg in the West #1: The French contains the following lists:

Infantry Divisions
Infantry Company
GRDI Cavalry Squadron
GRDI Motorcycle Squardon

Motorised Infantry Divisions
Motorised Infantry Company
DIM Motorcycle Company
GRDIM Motorcycle Squadron
GRDIM AMD Squadron
GRDIM AMR Squadron

Independent Tank Formations
Independent Tank Company (R-35, H-35, D-2 or fCM-36)
Independent Tank Company (FT-17)

Colonial Infantry
North African and Foreign Legion formations

Light Cavalry Divisions
Cavalry Squadron
Mechanised Dragoon Fusiliers
Dragoon Mixed Reconnaissance Squadron
RAM AMD Squadron
RAM AMC Squadron
RAM Motorcycle Squadron

Cavalry & Spahis
The Cavalry Squadron

Corps Reconnaissance Groups
GRCA Cavalry Squadron
GRCA Motorcycle Squadron
GRCAm Motorcycle Squadron

Light Mechanised Divisions
Tank Squadron
RDP Mechanised Dragoon AMR Squadron
RDP Mechanised Dragoon Fusilier Squadron
RDP Mechanised Dragoon Motorcycle
RD AMD Squadron
RD Motorcycle Squadron

Reserve Armoured Division
DCR Heavy Tank Company
DCR Light Tank Company
BCP Fusilier Company