Core Troops

Company HQ & Weapons Squad

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

Battalion Support Units

mechanised: M3 halftracks

reconnaissance platoon

mobile anti-tank platoon

foo to off-table medium mortar battery

Brigade & Division Support Units

reconnaissance platoon

anti-tank platoon (90mm defa atg on m3)

anti-tank platoon (ss-11 atgm on jeep)

engineer platoon

foo to off-table heavy mortar battery

foo to off-table artillery battery

air support (dassault md 450 ouragon)

air support (sud vautour IIa "vulture")

Attached Armour

m50 sherman

m51 isherman



magach/m-48 (standard 90mm gun)

MAGACH/M48 (upgunned to a 105mm gun)