Late War German Infantry Squad

What with real life and working on the IABSM early war theatre handbooks (the Dutch and Belgian handbook is out at the end of the month:  almost broke me!) I have had no time for either painting or gaming so far this year.

So I'm quite pleased to be able to post that I've finally managed to finish the first of nine late war German infantry squads, shown here on a custom-made sabot base from Warbases:

The figures are Plastic Soldier Company in 15mm.

Just think: only another eight more squads to go. At this rate, the company will be finished sometime in 2019...not a very good showing for this year's painting challenge!

IABSM AAR: Over the Hill

Here's a great looking battle report from the Devon Wargames Group, playing the Over the Hill scenario produced as a free PDF download by Rich Clarke the author and co-partner of Too Fat Lardies during the early incarnation of the rule set and easily converted to the latest version of the rules.

The scenario along with others is available to download from the Lardies Yahoo Group, which is well worth joining if you are interested in the best WWII Company level rule sets available!

Click on the pic below to see all:

TFL Painting Challenge: A Monday Update? Ridic!

Yes, it's a Monday update to the Challenge: occasioned by heavy traffic over the weekend!

In no particular order we have:

  • Chris Cornwell, painting early war Germans for the Wargames Holiday Centre
  • Mr Helliwell with the last of his medievals (didn't he say that last time?) and some ECW
  • A bit of WW1 with some lovely figures from Blue Moose Ken
  • Egg bangs in the support for his Bundeswehr
  • It's Caeser adsum iam forte* from the Hat: Romans galore
  • Travis sends in his final Japanese squad, and some houses
  • And last, but by no means least, Mr Plowman has some WW2 Romanians for us to see. Very nice.

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Today's pictures:

 Bundeswehr support from Egg

Bundeswehr support from Egg

Blue Moose Ken's WW1 British. The thing about uniform is that it isn't!

WW2 Romanians from Ralph Plowman

Romans from Lloyd Bowler

ECW horse from Andrew Helliwell

*Translation:  Caesar had some jam for tea

IABSM AAR: Lucky Shot!

One of the great things about the IABSM Facebook page is that it encourages people to post a few photos and comments about their games, even if they don't have the time to write up a full AAR.

Sometimes, however, all the various bits and pieces posted on FB about a particular game add up to what is effectively a full AAR: a group effort if you like!

Mike Whitaker, for example, posted a note about an incredibly lucky shot in a recent club game: an Elefant spotted despite cover, distance and the weather, and then dispatched by a single shell from a 17pdr, despite a considerable difference in Strike and Armour values.

The German player, Gary Martin, then replied:  giving an outline of what happened in the rest of the game. Put the two together, and Lord Salisbury's your uncle...

Click on the picture below to see how I've stitched the various posts and pictures together into an AAR.

TFL Painting Challenge: A Quick Thursday Update

The sun is shining and it looks like being a glorious day, despite the fact that four inches of snow are apparently on the way.

But we don't care: not whilst there are figures to paint. Being snowed in has its advantages...

Today's entries into this year's TooFatLardies Painting Challenge are as follows:

  • Matt Slade with some wonderful 7TV robots, Avians and aliens, and Napoleonic casualty markers
  • John Haines attempts to keep Mrs May happy with three new houses...and some British AWI Dragoons!
  • More pyrates from Mr Burt
  • A teeny tiny entry from Mr Stoesen: stacked muskets
  • Treadhead has been a very naughty boy: the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition set and some Undead
  • It's Star Wars time for Chris Kay
  • Sapper strikes back with some French Dragoons
  • Travis Hiett adds to his WW2 Japanese force for Chain of Command in 28mm with some support weapons
  • Mervyn has been preparing for a 20mm imaginations campaign, and recycling old skirting boards into flight stands
  • And last but by no means least, Sapper has a jumbo entry: eight Ghaznavid elephants

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Today's pictures:

Just some of Matt Slade's robot women

"Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the painting table"

Japanese 20mm AA gun from Travis

Mr Haines:  somewhere for the above to live!

IABSM AAR: Near the Niemirov Ferry

Here's a quick battle report from Ioannis Pavlidis, take from a recent post on the IABSM Facebook page.

It's 1941. A unit of Soviet soldiers has fallen back in disarray in the face of the overwhelming German assault. The German spearhead has now moved on, leaving a force behind to mop up the battered Soviets, who have fallen back to an abandoned barracks not far from the Niemirov Ferry crossing.

Click on the picture below to find out what happened.

Painting Challenge: Major Update (and Captain Impressive!)


Seems like ages since I updated the Painting Challenge, but it's only been about a week. Must be all the work for the publication of the BEF handbook for IABSM yesterday that makes it seem longer. Anyway, to business: in today's update, in no particular order, we have:

  • Matt Slade with a cornucopia of colourful creatures
  • More 1/72 medievals from Andrew Helliwell
  • Some more terrain from Mr Stoesen
  • A big entry from Stumpy: Napoleonics and ACW
  • Blue Moose Ken has some lovely 28s to show us
  • There's a whole bunch of Modern vehicles from Chris Kay
  • Sapper strikes back with some French Dragoons
  • There's a cracking first entry from Travis Hiett: Lieutenant Tanaka's WW2 Japanese platoon in 28mm
  • And last, but not least, Derek is still at the Mad Max 20mm vehicles

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Today's pictures:

A cracking first entry from Mr Hiett

Mongol types from Blue Moose Ken

French Dragoons from Sapper

More modern cavalry:  Chieftains from Chris Kay

Would these stop the Chieftains? Some rather nice anti-tank guns from Mr Hodge.

Frenchies from Stumpy

Blitzkrieg in the West: The BEF Now Available

I'm very happy to announce that Blitzkrieg in the West: The BEF, the second of the series of theatre handbooks covering the early war in the West is now available.  It covers the British Expeditionary Force from 1939 to the fall of France in 1940. Designed primarily for use with IABSM v3, the handbook will still prove useful to all players of WW2 company-sized wargames.

This incredibly detailed guide to British forces, written by me, is 75 pages in size and is packed with data, including the following British forces:

  • From the Infantry Division
    • The Infantry Company
    • The Infantry Battalion Carrier Platoon
  • From the Motor Infantry Division
    • The Motor Infantry Company
    • The Motor Infantry Scout Car Platoon
    • The Motor Infantry Motorcycle Company
  • From the Line of Communication Troops
    • The Line of Communication Infantry Company
    • The Pioneer Infantry Company
    • The Searchlight Infantry Troop
  • From the Reconnaissance Troops
    • The Divisional Cavalry Squadron
    • The Armoured Car Squadron
  • From the Detached Element of the BEF
    • An Infantry Company from Saar Force
  • From 1st Tank Brigade
    • A Tank Squadron from 4RTR
    • A Tank Squadron from 7RTR
    • Parkes Force
  • From 1st Armoured Division
    • A Paper-Strength Armoured Squadron from 1st Armoured Division
    • A Tank Squadron from the Queen's Bays
    • A Tank Squadron from 10th Royal Hussars
    • A Tank Squadron from 2RTR
    • A Tank Squadron from 5RTR
  • From Calais & Boulogne
    • A Best Guess Tank Squadron from 3RTR
    • A Motor Infantry Company at Calais
    • A QVR Motorcycle Company at Calais
    • The Guards at Boulogne
  • From the Beauman Division
    • An Infantry Company from A Brigade
    • An Infantry Company from B Brigade
    • An Infantry Company from C Brigade

With additional sections on the Second British Expeditionary Force, other British independent formations, fielding British forces, rating your forces and a comprehensive armoury. 

The handbook is available in PDF format only from the TooFatLardies website. Click here to go straight to that page.

Coming on Thursday: Blitzkrieg in the West: The BEF


Just in case people were wondering why it's all been a bit quiet on here lately, it's because I've been working hard on the series of Blitzkrieg in the West theatre books for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum.

The French handbook is already available from the TooFatLardies website, and I'm pleased to announce that the handbook covering the British Expeditionary Force should be available to buy on Thursday this week, 1st March.

Covering everything from the Regulars to the Territorials, from the Pioneers to the Searchlights, the BEF handbook will give you everything you need to field a British force in May/June 1940. There's a lot of background info too, so the handbook should be useful for players of other game systems as well.

TFL Painting Challenge: Quick Update

Lots of entries in already this week, so a quick update to avoid a backlog!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Chris Stoesen with more scenery
  • Joe McGinn sends in his first entry of the year: and it's a big one from the Congo!
  • Two quick submissions from Mr Slade: some rabble rousers and some casualty markers. Wonder if they're connected...?
  • Andy Duffell sends in another 28mm tank
  • Egg is also back: two 4ground houses and some modern Canadians in 15mm
  • Carole is back to the 15mm sci-fi, with some lovely GZG hardsuit wearing infantry
  • And last, but not least, is Sapper, with some more Prussians and a nasty surprise for Edward II.

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Today's pictures:

Sapper's Edward II and entourage

Cabbages from Mr Stoesen

A Firefly in 28mm from Andy Duffell

Late War German Panzerschrecks

The good news is that I've finished the first draft of the Belgian Army handbook for IABSM v3. That should be out in a combined Belgian/Nederlands pack on 1st April, following the BEF handbook which is still on track for publication on 1st March.

The bad news means that all the research and writing is severely cutting in to my painting time. All I have managed to finish this week is three late war German Panzerschrek teams for my Aufklarungs Kompanie.

Nice figures from The Plastic Soldier Company, but it's going to be a long haul to finish the main body of the infantry!

TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Saturday Update

This is what happens when you don't update the Challenge for a few extra days:  loads of entries flood in!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Ralph Plowman with some White Dragon MTU in 15mm
  • More SYW Prussians from Sapper
  • Blue Moose Ken is back, with a miscellany of Ancients
  • There loads more WOTR figures from the Hat, including some kudos for Geoff at Citadel Six
  • Chris Stoesen makes a welcome return to the Challenge. He has trees.
  • The machine that is Mr Melville pumps out some more desert war troops in 28mm
  • There's a nice church and alien vehicles from Carole Flint
  • Mr Douglas pops in a mix of stuff including Conan, tentacles and cages. Been watching those films again, Mervyn?
  • And last, but by no means least, Andrew Helliwell has yet more ACW and medieval types to show us

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I've updated the Scorecard as well!

Today's pictures:

Resin church from Carole

WOTR Command stands from Lloyd Bowler. Nice flags.

Gripping Beast Sudanese Spearmen from Master Ken

TFL Podcast #6 Now Available


Another great podcast from the Big Rich, Nick and Sidney.

The lads get together once again to discuss what's new in the world of Lard and what they are working on, and then get stuck into a couple of meaty topics: including political symbols in wargames and how the design of a game can provide a plausible command experience for the gamer. 

Please note, the section on Nazi symbols is potentially contentious but they were asked the question and didn't want to shy away from the tough ones. You may not agree with what they say, but hopefully they don't upset too many people. 

The usual trip to the library rounds off this episode. 

The Oddcast can be found here.

TFL Painting Challenge: This Week's Update

Sorry about the lack of posts recently: real world and too much time spent on the next Blitzkrieg supplements!

Let's see if we can end this drought with a quick Painting Challenge update.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Carole Flint returns to the Congo
  • The first of the year from Andy Duffell: a rather nice Somua, even if it is wearing the wrong colours
  • Sapper has some more SYW Prussians
  • A huge first entry of the year from Mr Davenport: almost 900 points in one go!
  • Mervyn moves from Middle Earth to Cimmeria
  • More pirates from Steve Burt
  • And last, but not least, some WW2 German Pioneers from Chris Cornwall

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and I've updated the Scorecard as well!

Today's pictures:

Andy Duffell's Somua in 28mm

Carole's European types for the Congo

Nice knights from Mr Davenport

TFL Painting Challenge: Big Sunday Update

I can't believe how quickly some people are racking up their scores!

I haven't had a moment to paint hardly anything so far this year, and yet there are already three people on around 500 points. Impressive stuff.

Here are today's entries:

  • Having vowed to leave the Mad Max madness behind, Derek Hodge sends in another set of post-apocalypse vehicles
  • Matt Slade adds some more plague-carriers to his Deathguard collection, along with a few Gripping beast champions to maintain his sanity
  • There's lots of tiny little tanks from Jon Yuengling: IDF in 3mm
  • The Hat is back! Lloyd Bowler with some longbowmen 
  • Also back for the first time this year is Treadhead, and he has lots of tiny little tanks as well: his all sci-fi
  • Late entrant last year, Steven Lampon, starts 2018 with a vengeance: some lovely Highlanders (are these finished? I don't think so!) and some figures for Beyond the Gates of Antares
  • John Haines sends in some more Napoleonics
  • And last, but by no means least, Andrew Helliwell adds even more figures to his medieval and ECW collections.

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and, shock/horror, I've actually updated the Scorecard as well!

Today's pictures:

 Militia Bowmen from The Hat

Militia Bowmen from The Hat

Skyraiders from Steven Lampon

Treadhead lives up to his name

Mr Slade and his Plagueburst Crawler

Kind Words for Blitzkrieg in the West #1: The French

I'm pleased to say that the first of my official early war IABSM handbooks, Blitzkrieg in the West #1: The French seems to have been very well received, even if the news item on TMP showed in full for only about five minutes on Friday, so no one's commented yet!

On the TFL Forum, Arlequin said: "Having grappled with the French organisations and techno-speak for CoC:Abyssinia, I'll give a standing ovation for this concise, detailed and invaluable work. Well done chaps!"

And Archdukek said: "Congratulations, Robert, on an excellent piece of work. Fascinating stuff."

On the Lead Adventure Forum, Powermonger said: "I do not play IABSM...but is perfect for reference. The book is very, very good. Nice historical references and a comprehensive OOB for France 1940. All divisions listed, with their properly attached support units. As the author says, it is perfect to lay down a company and attach to it the suitable, historically accurate supports. Recommended." 

On the TFL Group, Benito said the handbook "Looks fantastic" and Tom McKinney said: "Well done!  Just had a look at mine.  Lot's of great information and well ordered.  Absolutely delighted with the inclusion of campaign/division cross-reference."

So that's a bit of a relief then!