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CDS at Clotted Lard 2018 by Carojon

Firebase Palmer 2008

The TooFatLardies Charlie Don't Surf Games Day in June 2008 saw about a dozen of Britain's finest wargamers gathered at Lard Island to play a series of linked games as a final playtest of the rules.

At the same time, various Lardie cells around the world were also playing the same scenarios, ensuring that every mechanic and every word were as thoroughly examined as possible.

Below you will find a brief outline of each of the four scenarios played,  with links to pages with a multitude of photographs.

Firebase Palmer sits in the middle of Bad Mutha Woods deep in the heart of Phuoc Long province. To the north-west of the position is Hill 99, to the north- east is the Thong river and, nestling on its bank, Dip Thong Village. The only land-based route to the Firebase runs past a small village called Muay Thai 


Scenario One was a US Army airborne attack on NVA positions on Hill 99, known as the “The Flake”. This involved a large company-sized force in a helicopter insertion and assault on a Communist bunker system. The twist is that although there were loads of US soldiers involved, there were only about sixteen NVA troops present.

Scenario Two was a US Marine armed reconnaissance to the village of Dip Thong: long suspected to be a Communist stronghold and, in consequence, known as “The Boil”. Here the Marines swept unopposed into the village only to be attacked by large numbers of both VC and NVA.

Scenario Three was a Communist attack on a supply convoy heading towards Firebase Palmer.

Scenario Four, the climax to the day, was a two battalion attack on Firebase Palmer itself. Charlie may not surf, but he has mastered the human wave!

Scenario One

Lard Island



Scenario Two

Lard Island


Scenario Three

Lard Island


Scenario Four

Lard Island