Scenario Booklets


All American

Playtest One

Captain Quincy

Playtest Two

The Gnostic

Playtest Three

Captain Quincy

#02: Cauquigny 1

Martin 981463

#10: Neuville au Plain


Desmondo Darkin

John Wimbush


Anzio: Wildcat to Whale

#02: Carroceto

Craig Ambler

Joe Patchen

#10: Highway Seven

Joe Patchen

#11: The Campoleone Salient

Brian Cantwell

#13: Aprilia

Robert Avery

#15: Carroceto Again

Craig Ambler

#17: Fischfang Day 1 - A

Craig Ambler

#18: Fischfang Day 1 - B

Robert Avery

#19: Fischfang Day 2

Dan Albrecht

#20: Fischfang Day 3

Dan Albrecht

Robert Avery


Blenneville or Bust!

#01: West of Pierrecourt

Brian Cantwell

Craig Ambler


The Wargaming Addict

#2A: Avaux

Brian Cantwell

Craig Ambler


Robert Avery


#2B: Near Belle Maison

Robert Avery

#3A: Near Chemont

Craig Ambler

Robert Avery


#3D: Saint Melotte

Bruce Romanick

Robert Avery

#4A: Vartres

Craig Ambler

#4B: Near Avaux


Robert Avery/01

Robert Avery/02

#4G: Belle Maison

Bruce Romanick

Sergeant Steiner

#4H: Diot

Robert Avery

#5A: Blenneville

Craig Ambler

#5J: Belle Maison

Robert Avery

#5M: Chemont

Sergeant Steiner


The Campaign for Greece

#01: A Surprise Attack

North of Sitaria by Mark Luther

#05: Outflanked

Chris Stoesen

Mark Luther

#14: Kalamta: The End of the 4th Hussars



Cymru Am Byth

#01: The Defence of Arras

Freerange Egg

Robert Avery

#03: The Crossroads

Tim Whitworth

#10: The Road to San Marco

Mike Whitaker/01

Mike Whitaker/02

Tim Whitworth

#12: Let's Get At The Bastards!


Mark Luther

Sergeant Perry/01

Sergeant Perry/02

Sergeant Perry/03

Sergeant Perry/04

Sergeant Perry/05

#13: Swanning Up To Brussels

Tim Whitworth

Albert Bridgehead Mini-Campaign

Bourg Leopold by Oddball


The Defence of Calais

#01: Les Attacques

James Tree


#02: Coulogne

Whisperin' Al/01

Whisperin' Al/02

#03: 3RTR at Hames-Boucres

Robert Avery

#04: Gravelines

Robert Avery


Fall of the Lion Gate

#01: Kota Bahru

Martin Grimes

Steve Collins

#02: Ban Sadao

Robert Avery

#03: The Ledge

Robert Avery

Robert Avery 2/3

#04: Jitra

Robert Avery

#10: Slim River

Robert Avery

Robert Avery 2

#16: Airstrip Road

Phil Gray

#17: Kranji Peninsular

Robert Avery

#18: Bukit Timah

Robert Avery

#19: The Jurong Road

Lardies West of the Rockies

#20: Nee Soon

Robert Avery

The Stipsicz Hussars


Operation Martlet

#01: The Probe Into Fontenay

James Tree

#02:  Pushing On

James Tree


Operation Compass

#01: The Road to Fort Capuzzo

Stipsicz Hussars


#02: The Battle of Girba

John Sullins


#03: The Invasion of Egypt

Robert Avery

#04: Nibeiwa

Stipsicz Hussars

#05: Tummar West

Stipsicz Hussars

#08: Sidi Barrani

Robert Avery

#09: Buq Buq

Robert Avery

#10: The Road From Fort Capuzzo

Robert Avery

#11: Bardia/One

Tony Cane

A Wargamer in Cyprus

#14: Tobruk 1

Robert Avery

#15: Tobruk 2

Robert Avery


#16: Tobruk 3

Kev (Fat Wally)

Robert Avery

#17: Mechili

Robert Avery

Tony Cane

#18: Siret el Chrieba

Tony Cane

#21: The Pimple

Dan Albrecht


Operation Sealion

#01: The Fight for the Military Canal

The Stipsicz Hussars

#02: Rearguard at Pevensey

The Stipsicz Hussars

Whisperin' Al

#03: Capture the Port

The Stipsicz Hussars

#04: Take the Heights

Tim Whitworth

#06: The Road Inland

Tim Whitworth

#07: In By The Back Door

Robert Avery

#08: Tally Ho!

Robert Avery

Trader Dave


The September War

#01: Chojnice

Robert Avery

#03: Charge at Krojanty

Robert Avery

#05: The Battle of Pszczyna

Robert Avery

#06: Wegierska Gorka

Robert Avery

#07: The Tuchole Forest

Robert Avery

#08: Grudziadz

Robert Avery

#12: The Narew Crossing

Robert Avery

#21: Polish Push Towards Lowicz

Robert Avery

#28: The Second Battle of Tomaszow Lubelski

Robert Avery

#31: Battle at Parczew

Robert Avery

Poland Part 2 Front Cover2.medium.jpg

The September War, Part II

#39: The Dukla Pass

Robert Avery

#45: Piotrkow Trybunalski

Robert Avery

#58: Jablon

Robert Avery

#60: Szack

Tim Whitworth

Tim Whitworth/2


Sicilian Weekend

#04: Gela (1)

Robert Avery

#07: The Road to Scoglitti

Brian Cantwell

#08: East of Butera

Brooklyn Wargaming

#09:  Gela 2

Brooklyn Wargaming

#11: The Gela Plain

Robert Avery

#12: The Biazzo Ridge

Robert Avery


Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?

#01: Find the Guns

Brooklyn Wargaming

George Gouveia

#02: Holding the Point

Brooklyn Wargaming

George Gouveia

#04: South of Vierville

Brooklyn Wargaming

#05: The Drive for Point du Hoc

Desmondo Darkin

#06: Bloody Omaha

Mike Whitaker

Richard Clarke

Tim D

#08: Cabourg

Brooklyn Wargaming

#09: Le Bray

Richard Clarke

#16: The Battle for Neuville


#17: Fauville

Robert Avery

#19: Clearing Exit One/Geronimo! (Poupeville)


Joe Patchen

One Off Scenarios



The 4th Panssari Goes to War! by Dave Lister

The Winter War by The Miniatures Man


Neighbours at Neunkirchen by Amokfigur


Polish Armoured Train by Mark Luther

Polish River Crossing by Mark Luther

Tomaszow Lubelski by Mark Luther



Belgium 1940 by Iain Fuller

Hannut by Mark Luther

A Small Town in Belgium by Scattergun Gamer

East Africa

A Missionary Man by Topi

East Africa Waltzing Matilda by Topi

First Blood by Topi

Green Smoke Marks the Target by Topi

The Battle of Ras Gaan by Topi


Berthonval Farm by Mark Luther

A Canal Near Gravelines by chapgarry2002

Close Encounters of the First Kind by Robert Avery

Counter Attack by The Mad Padre

The Dunkirk Perimeter by Robert Avery

The Dunkirk Perimeter by Mark Luther

French vs Germans by Kev (Fat Wally)

Holding Action by Alistair Birch

Hondeghem by Robert Avery

Hannut by Brian Cantwell

IABSM North of the Border by Robert Avery

Jandrain by Brian Cantwell

Jandrain by Mark Luther

June 1940 by Dan Albrecht

Juniville by Mark Luther

KG Klink, Game 5, France by Jack

The Lacôme Canal by Robert Avery

A Learning Game by Michael Curtis

Lille by Robert Avery

Limmette by Ed Sturges

Matildas Around Arras by Mark Luther

Motorbiking by Iain Fuller

Pommery Farm by Mark Luther

Randomly Generated Game by James Mantos

Randomly Generated Game by Tony Hobbz

Semois by the Stipsicz Hussars

Somewhere Near Calais by KVadasz

Zutpeyne by Robert Avery

Zutpeyne by Jan Spoor

Zutpeyne by Whisperin' Al


Action at Molista by Konstantinos Travlos


The Battle of Benson by Robert Avery

The Battle of Benson/2 by Robert Avery



Retimo by Whisperin' Al

Take the Port by Kev (Fat Wally)

East Africa

Brig's Peake by James Morris

Cameron Ridge by Scrivs

Galabat by Scrivs

Italian Counter-Attack on Cameron Ridge by Scrivs

Sanchil & Brig's Peak by Scrivs

Eastern Front

Action Near Luchatschi by Mark Luther

An Ace in the Pack by Kev (Fat Wally)

Armour Clash by Tony Hobbz

Counter-Attack at Bereza by Kev (Fat Wally)

Defending Kobrin by Tony Hobbz

Die Hards! by Kev (Fat Wally)

Down on the Farm by Chris Stoesen

East of the Nemen by Mark Luther

East of Voin by Mark Luther

German Armoured Assault by WFHGS

German Recon Breakthrough by WFHGS

Glory in Russia by Amokfigur

Heinz's Revenge by Kev (Fat Wally)

Kicking in the Door by Alistair Birch

My God! It's a Monster by Richard Clarke

Near the Niemirov Ferry by Ioannis Pavlidis

On the Road to Moscow by WFHGS

Petrovskoe by Mark Luther

Radekhov Station by Mark Luther

Random Game: Eastern Front by Burt

Road Through Rahozna by Mark Luther

Rob Avery's Guest Visit by Kev (Fat Wally)

Skakovka by Ed Sturges

Skirmanevo by Mark Luther

Solo Game (“Luckiest Panzerjaeger”) by James Manto

South Of Radekhov by Mark Luther

Surprise Encounter Northwest of Rossienie by Mark Luther

The KV-1 That Wasn't by Joe Patchen

Vodka and Steel by Amokfigur

Werba by Mark Luther

Winter '41 by Iain Fuller


One-Off Encounter Scenario by Robert Avery


For the Honour of France by Robert Avery

For the Honour of France/2 by Robert Avery

The Golan Heights by Egg

Todcol by Richard Clarke

Western Desert

Beda Fomm by the Stipsicz Hussars

Benghazi Handicap #01 by A Wargamer in Cyprus

Convoy Attack! by Kev (Fat Wally)

Italian Base Attack by Kev (Fat Wally)

Mad Padre in the Desert by the The Mad Padre

SAS Airfield Raid by Kev (Fat Wally)

Shah Wa'di's Wadi by Kev (Fat Wally)


Eastern Front

Airfield Attack by Chris Stoesen

Get the Samovar On, Rifleman Udonov by James Mantos

Kantemirovka Air Field by Mark Luther

Leningrad Lend-Lease by Joe Patchen

Partisan Ambush by Joe Patchen

A Previous Game by Burt

Once More Unto The Breach by Randy Stoda

Russian Front Action by James Manto

Stalingrad Campaign #1 by Grah

Stalingrad Campaign #2 by Grah

Stalingrad Campaign #3 by Grah

Stalingrad Shuffle by Robert Avery

A Warm Bed for the Night by Kev (Fat Wally)


Bruneval/Operation Biting Part 1 by John

Bruneval/Operation Biting Part 2 by John


Perdu Encore by Max Maxwell

Western Desert

A Bloody Nose for the British by the Stipsicz Hussars

Avanti Spumanti! by Dr. the Viking

British vs Italians II by Dr. the Viking

Desert War Action by Norseygamer

M'Jaffi Kak by Kev (Fat Wally)

Sidi Ahmed by Carojon

Take the Pass by Kev (Fat Wally)

Take the Wadi by Kev (Fat Wally)

Tank Action #1 by Kev (Fat Wally)

Tank Action #2 by Kev (Fat Wally)

Tank Action #3 by Kev (Fat Wally)


Village Clearance by Kev (Fat Wally)


Eastern Front

Airfield Raid by Patchen1863

Armour Clash Near Verkhnopenye by Mark Luther

The Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive by Scrivs

The Bombed Town by Burt

The Briansk Front by Amokfigur

Eastern Front Clash by Desmondo Darkin

Eastern Front Game by Amokfigur

Eastern Front October 1943 by Tony Hobbz

Frente Ruso by Burt Minorrot

Grants at Kursk by Mark Luther

Hill 253, East of Ponyri by Mark Luther

IABSM in Black & White by Burt

Iakovlevo by Mark Luther

In the Orel Salient by Small Sagas

Krazny Bor by Palafox

The Kuban Bridgehead by johnanddave45

Kursk by Valderech

Kursk Counter-Attack by Joe Patchen

The Mius River (Part One) by Mark Luther

The Mius River (Part Two) by Mark Luther

The Nikopol Bridgehead by Mark Luther

North of Luchki by Mark Luther

Point 226.5: East of Ponyri by Mark Luther

Random Russian Game by Burt

The Ruined Factory by Burt

Russian Front 1943 by Burt

Solo Game by James Tree

Somewhere in Russia by Amokfigur

Soviets vs Germans by Kev (Fat Wally)

Soviets/Germans 1943 by Richard L.

Spoiling Attack by Joe Patchen

Spring Fever by johnanddave45

Turnipograd by James Mantos & the Mad Padre

Village Defense by Algiz

West Of The Oktiabrski State Farm by Brooklyn Wargaming


Bathtub Primosole Bridge by Brian Cantwell

The Ponte Grande Bridge by Martin981463

Ritirata! Inferno! by Victor

Valle della Marie by Mike Whitaker


Hypothetical Tunisia Battle by Dan Albrecht

Sidi Bou Zid by Joe Patchen


Case Black by Joe Patchen



Belgium Re-Visited by Dr. The Viking

Caught with their Pants Down by Mike Whitaker

Christmas in the Ardennes by Robert Avery

Doornboom Crossroads by Mark Luther

Happy Christmas! by Robert Avery

Kolonie by Mark Luther

It's Not Over...Part One by Charles Eckart

The Koerselsesteenweg by Mark Luther

Nieuwkerk by Mark Luther

Operation Potato by the Stipcisz Hussars

The Fight for Amen Corner by Richard Clarke

Tiger Hunt by Richard Clarke

Eastern Front

Attack on Worker's Settlement #5 by Mark Luther

Double Trouble! by Robert Avery

Eastern Front 1944 by Burt Minorrot

Eastern Front Action by James Mantos

Eastern Front Game by Norseygamer

Heavy PaK Front by Mark Luther

Ipolypaszyto by Mark Luther

The Korsun Pocket by Mark Luther

One-Off Encounter Scenario by Robert Avery

Operation Bagration: Soviet Breakthrough by Joe Patchen

Operation Bagration: Phase II by Joe Patchen

Panzer Attack! by James Tree

Soviet Advance by Burt

Soviet Advance 1944 by Burt

Spring 1944 by Burt

Stemming the Red Tide by Kev (Fat Wally)

A Surprise Encounter by Vaggelis

The Ravine by Robert Avery

Winter Attack! by Desmondo Darkin

Winter Wonderland by Robert Avery


A Day at the Beach by Ed Sturges

A Game of IABSM by Charles Eckart

A Game of IABSM by Murphy's Heroes

Action at Gris Farm by Ed Sturges

Another Normandy Game by Iain Fuller

Attack Through The Bocage by Carole

The Biggest Bloomin' Convoy by Mike Whitaker

Bouncing the Somme by James Mantos

Breakthrough in Normandy by Carole Flint

British Paras vs Germans by Kev (Fat Wally)

Canadians at Caen by Desmondo Darkin

Canadians vs Germans by Treadhead

Carentan by Scrivs/01

Carentan by Scrivs/02

Cats & Mice Around Caen by Dr. The Viking

The Cats Go Out At Night by the Mad Padre

Croissantville by Julian Whippy

Day of the Panthers by James Mantos

D-Day 3 by Max Maxwell

D-Day: Point 54 by Martin

December 2013 by Katzenstein

Decision at Le Mer, D-Day -1

Des' Shed: Game #01 by Iain Fuller

Les Droueries by Softie02

Fighting for the Hill by Julian Whippy

Find the Front by Mark Luther

1st Corps, First Game by Michael Curtis

First Game by Katzenstein

First Game/Review by Bagration

First Outing by Katzenstein

France 1944 by Iain Fuller

German Attack by War Artisan

Germans Retreat by Mark Luther

Ham & Jam by Desmondo Darkin

Hauts-Vents by Brooklyn Wargaming

Hedgerow Hell by Katzenstein

Heldenhausen by Amokfigur

I Ain't Been Lucky, or Opportunistic, Mum! by Richard Clarke

Introduction to IABSM by Holdfast

L'Abbaye Blanche by Brian Cantwell

Les Feuilles Vertes by Mike Whitaker

Morning of the 902nd by Brooklyn Wargaming

New Year's Eve by Robert Avery

Normandy Breakout by Tim Whitworth

Normandy Game by Iain Fuller

Normandy Game by Joe Patchen

Normandy Game by Mike Whitaker

Normandy Scenario by Sergeant Steiner

Operation Charnwood by Richard Clarke

Operation Epsom by Tim Whitworth

Operation Epsom: the Attack on Mouen by Mark Luther

Operation Epsom: Closing in on Mouen by Mark Luther

Operation Epsom: German Counter-Attack Near Mouen by Mark Luther

Out of the Frying Pan by Mike Whitaker

Over the Hill by Carojon

Over the Hill by Carojon/2

Over the Hill by the Mad Padre

Panzer Attack by Kev (Fat Wally)

Panzerschreks in Ambush by James Mantos

Pasting the Padre by James Mantos and the Mad Padre

Pegasus Bridge & Benouville by Brooklyn Wargaming

Pegasus Re-Visited by Robert Avery

A Proper Try Out by Sergeant Steiner

Ranville by Softie

Refresher Game by Mike Whitaker

Refresher Game/02 by Mike Whitaker

Skirmish at Grandcamp by Dan Albrecht

Second Game by Bagration

Shattered Town by Joe Patchen

Skirting the Village by Joe Patchen

Slugfest at the Crossroads by James Mantos & the Mad Padre

Small Game by James Tree

St Aubin by Desmondo Darkin/01

St Aubin by Desmondo Darkin/02

St Aubin by Desmondo Darkin/03

St Colonne by Richard Clarke

St Conquest by Paul

Stopping the Gap by Carojon

Sword Beach by Paul Spence & Desmondo Darkin

The Longest Day by Grah

The Road to the Ardennes by Amokfigur

Third Game by Bagration

Training Game by Desmondo Darkin

Up from Asnelles by Mark Luther

US Airborne on D-Day by Carole

Vacqueville by Katzenstein

Vaux sur Seulles by Robert Avery

A Village in Normandy by Robert Avery

West of Caen by Carole Flint


Advance into Holland by Burt Minorrot

Arnhem Game by tiger1arnhem

Arnhem/Oosterbeek by Joe Patchen

Battle for a Bridgehead by James Mantos

Battle of the Underpass by Julian Whippy

Big Post Xmas Game by Carole Flint

Broekhuizen Bridgehead by Mark Luther

Hold the Bridge by Kev (Fat Wally)

Market Garden, Hell's Highway by Robert Avery

Market Garden Hell's Highway by Topi

Overloon by Mark Luther


A Bridge Too Near by Joe Patchen

The Coriano Ridge by Mark Luther

Lucky Shot by Mike Whitaker & Gary Martin

The Road to Cisterna by Joe Patchen

Villa Santa Anna by Mike Whitaker


Battle for Werth by Benito

Germans vs British by Burt


Pestszentimre by Mark Luther


Mokre Counter-Attack by Mark Luther

River Crossing by Mark Luther



Recce Engagement 1945 by Mark Luther


Japanese vs Soviets by John Thomas

Eastern Front

Belino by Mark Luther


Berlin Re-Visited by Joakim Strom

The Blandingshires at Grochstadt by James Mantos

Charlemagne #1: Barkenfelde by Richard Clarke

Charlemagne #2: Barenwald by Richard Clarke

The Essel Bridgehead by Mark Luther

Fallschirmjaegers Get Very Blooded by James Mantos

First Run by johnanddave45

Lardstrasse Haupt-Bahnhof by Richard Clarke

Late War in Germany by Alistair Birch

North Bank of the Danube by Mark Luther

On the Road to Oderbruck by Mark Luther

Second Run by johnanddave45

The Battle of the Reichswald by the Stipsicz Hussars

The Reichswald by Mark Luther

The Road to Berlin by Joakim Strom


Sint Jooth by Tim Whitworth

Sint Jooth, Day 2 by Tim Whitworth

Pacific Theatre

Australians at Bougainville by Helen

Beach Assault by Robert Avery

Pacific Island Invasion by Desmondo Darkin

Somewhere in the SW Pacific by Helen

TFL Game Days

Clotted Lard 2019

Hill 203

Operation Market Larden 7 2019

Recce vs Recce by Robert Avery

Operation Market Larden 6 2018

Bulge in the AM by Robert Avery

Tobruk Day 2011

The TFL Games Day 2011 took place on Sunday 12th June, with the action being a re-fight of the Commonwealth break-in to Tobruk in January 1941. 

Seven games were fought during the day. In the morning, the Commonwealth troops broke through the Italian perimeter. A lunchtime interlude saw the Matildas of 7TRT attempting to suppress the main Italian gun line. Finally, the Commonwealth troops fanned out, with three games charting their progress inside the perimeter.

In addition, the Stockholm Lardies, known somewhat erroneously as the Penguins, also played a game. Their AAR appears as well.AM: The Main Attack on Table One by Kev (Fat Wally)

AM: The Diversionary Attack by Robert Avery

Lunchtime: The Matildas Charge the Italian Guns

PM: Tobruk #1 by Robert Avery

PM: Tobruk #2 by Zippee

PM: Tobruk #3 by Kev (Fat Wally)

Sid's Overview by Sid

Penguin's At Tobruk by Thomas & Laffe

D-Day Airborne Day 2008

The TFL 2008 Games Day focussed on the Allied airborne landings that were the immediate precursor to D-Day. 

Broadly speaking, activities at Lard HQ focussed on the British 6th Airborne Division's operations; whilst other islands of Lard around the globe played games focussing on the US 82nd Airborne Division's operations. In all, fourteen games were played: reports are below.

British 6th Airborne Reports

6th Airborne Team Report by Egg

Benouville by Sid

Le Port by Max Maxwell

Merville Battery by Ed Sturges

Ranville USA by Jan Spoor

Ranville by Robert Avery

Varaville by Richard Clarke & Kev (Fat Wally)

UK Rogues Gallery

US 82nd Airborne Reports

Cauquigny (UK) by John Wimbush

The Causeway at La Fiere by George Gouveia

The Causeway at La Fiere (Denmark) by Soren

Chef du Pont by Tim Bactrian

Fauville (Canada) by Tod

Hill 30 by dglsmrvyn

Pouppeville by Curt Daniels

Pouppeville (Sweden) by Laffe

D-Day Airborne Day 2008

The TFL 2008 Games Day focussed on the Allied airborne landings that were the immediate precursor to D-Day. 

Broadly speaking, activities at Lard HQ focussed on the British 6th Airborne Division's operations; whilst other islands of Lard around the globe played games focussing on the US 82nd Airborne Division's operations. In all, fourteen games were played: reports are below.

British 6th Airborne Reports

6th Airborne Team Report by Egg

Benouville by Sid

Le Port by Max Maxwell

Merville Battery by Ed Sturges

Ranville USA by Jan Spoor

Ranville by Robert Avery

Varaville by Richard Clarke & Kev (Fat Wally)

UK Rogues Gallery

US 82nd Airborne Reports

Cauquigny (UK) by John Wimbush

The Causeway at La Fiere by George Gouveia

The Causeway at La Fiere (Denmark) by Soren

Chef du Pont by Tim Bactrian

Fauville (Canada) by Tod

Hill 30 by dglsmrvyn

Pouppeville by Curt Daniels

Pouppeville (Sweden) by Laffe

Malaya Day 2006

The TooFatLardies Malaya day in May 2006 saw about a score of Britain's finest wargamers re-fighting the battle of Kampar, which originally took place on the Malayan peninsular in January 1941 as the Japanese pushed south towards Singapore.

The game, disguised as the battle of Lardak, was played over three tables, with the very existence of the third table being a nasty surprise for the Brits! It took a whole day to play, involved over a battalion of 15mm figures on each side (at 1:1 scale), and ended in a hard-fought and costly victory for the Japanese.

Below you will find links to the three briefings (British, Japanese, and Umpire's) and After Action Reports from the players and referees:  all garnished with lashings of photographs.


British Briefing

Japanese Briefing

Umpire's Briefing

British AARs

Team Captain's Report by Mike

Table Two Report by Gerard

Table Three Report by Egg

Table Three Report by Neil H.

Japanese AARs

Team Captain's Report by Dom

Table One Report by Panda

Table Two Report by Ed Sturges

Table Three Report by Andy R.

Referee Reports

Senior Referee (Robert Avery)

Table One Referee (Richard Clarke)

Photo Galleries

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Stalingrad Day 2005

Warm-Up Game by Kev (Fat Wally)

Stalingrad in Pictures by Robert Avery

Stalingrad Day by Kev (Fat Wally)

Dunkirk Day 2004

The Dunkirk Games Day by Robert Avery

Cassel by Max Maxwell

Lille by Robert Avery

Crete Day 2004

Crete by Kev, Rob, Martin and Rich

Demonstration Games


Cold Wars: Hauts-Vents

Pegasus Bridge Anniversary: Playtest by Robert Avery

Posh Lard: Bloody Omaha by Mike Whitaker & James Tree

Salute: Bloody Omaha by Mike Whitaker

The Other Partisan: Bloody Omaha by Mike Whitaker

The Other Partisan: Peleliu Warm-Up by Tim Whitworth

The Other Partisan: Peleliu by Tim Whitworth


Crisis: Crete


Salute: The Battle of Keren



Tabletop Mog

Tom's Toy Soldiers

Photo Gallery from Alan

Extra: At Partizan in the Park

Extra: At Crisis


Salute: Normandy by Kev (Fat Wally)

Greek Cons

Strategikon 2017:  Lisok 1944 by Vaggelis

Scandanavian Cons

Incognicon 2012 by The Miniatures Man

Stockholm Spelkonvent 2011 by Jocke

Flemcon 2011 #1 by Thomas

Flemcon 2011 #2 by The Miniatures Man