Charlie Don't Surf! is a set of wargames rules for the Vietnam War that are designed to reflect the realities of asymmetrical warfare.  Designed for games of roughly company size (between two and four platoons per side being typical) the rules use a system of dual victory conditions, military and political, to allow balanced games where both Free World and Communist forces can do battle with equal chance of success. 

The rules are comprehensive in that they contain all you'll need to game the period, including details of force orgaisation for the the US, ARVN, ANZAC and Communists, a scenario and mission generation system, along with a force and objective generator to ensure that no two games are the same. 

Also available is Surf's Up, a scenario supplement with a campaign system, available to provide even more flexibility and fun. 

In this section of the site, you will find many After Action Reports along with a gallery of my own 15mm figure collection for the Vietnam period.