Quadrant 13 (Q13) is a company-sized game covering science fiction warfare aimed primarily at using 6-15mm figures. It uses the same basic mechanics as I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum! and/or Charlie Don’t Surf, but is as different in flavour from them as they are from each other. It is a stand-alone game: no other rulebooks or supplements are necessary to play.

The rules are completely generic, allowing players to use them to play any sci-fi conflict that they choose: whether based on background from another system, background from a film or book, background from a range of figures, or even a background that they have made up themselves. It also allows gamers to play the type of science fiction game that they want to play: ‘hard’ sci fi, where realism is the key; space opera style games which run almost like a film; battles featuring a small number of super-tough figures against a large number of not-so-tough opponents…you name it, you can play it.

There is one scenario pack currently available for Q13: Five Planets. Five Planets contains twelve scenarios set within the Pankova solar system as two adversaries fight over its priceless resources. The action begins on Peach, the outermost planet, a most desolate, moon-like place but the gateway to the system, then moves through the asteroid belt that contains huge amounts of mineral wealth to Cheteria, the ice planet. After Cheteria comes Three, the garden world that feeds the system, followed by D'Var, the desert planet whose sands conceal vast seas of valuable oil. Finally the campaign climaxes on fiery Adeen, closest to the sun, but the source of limitless power.

In this section of the site, you will find After Action Reports, many ready-made Army Lists for Q13, a list of 15mm sci-fi figure manufacturers with links to their websites, a gallery of my own 15mm sic-fi figure collection, and some figure reviews.