It was the Battlefront 40% sale on their Fate of A Nation range that triggered my interest in the Six Day War: with the need to know which and how many of their figures and vehicles to buy leading me to put together army lists for the four participants: the Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians.

After some consideration, I decided to use CDS as the base TFL ruleset for the conflict. Although it is asymmetric in approach, the core CDS rule mechanics are exactly contemporary with the Six Day War, and many of the statistics for the military kit used were already available in the listing for the US and PAVN armies at the back of the book.

Here, then, are downloadable pdfs of the four army lists and, underneath, a very quick chronology and theatre map of the war:







Chronology of the Six Day War

  • Israel launches surprise air attack on Egypt (known as the United Arab Republic) and destroys the UAR's airforce
  • Israeli ground attack to the north towards El Arish succeeds after hard fighting
  • A UAR counter-attack is ambushed at Bir Lahfan
  • Israeli ground attack to the south towards Abu Ageila succeeds after hard fighting
  • UAR troops withdraw for the Suez Canal, allowing the Israelis to capture Sinai
  • Jordanians are tricked by the Egyptians and prepare to join the attack on Israel. Israeli's pre-empt and launch an attack of their own. Israelis take Jerusalem after hard fighting, and attack towards Nablus. More hard fighting, then the Jordanians retreat behind the Jordan river, leaving Israel to capture the West Bank.
  • Israelis then attack the Syrians on the Golan Heights, which they capture after hard fighting.
  • The Israelis also fight the Palestinians and capture the Gaza Strip

Blinds for the Six Day War

Click on the picture below to download Blinds for the Israeli, UAR, Jordanian, and Syrian armies.