This was an ambitious IABSM game played at Gigabites in Marietta in July 2010 representing the 184 Infantry Regiment (of the 86 Infantry Division) attack on hill 253 east of Ponyri during the Kursk battle 7-7-1943.  Two Pz IIIL and two StuGF with BIV demo carriers are also available. The promised support was to be three Ferdinands of the 653 Panzerjaeger Abteilung and two Sturm PzIVs from the 216 Sturmpanzer Abteilung. They failed to show up until the Grenadiers had already gotten into the Soviet lines. Infantry-wise, the Germans had two weak infantry companies, four MMGs, four 82mm mortars, a weak pioneer comp and several pre-game stonks. 

The Russians had two infantry companies, (1019th Rifle Regiment), with eight 45mm anti-tank guns, five 76mm anti-tank guns, eight anti-tank rifles, and eight MMGs attached. Six more MMGs were in bunkers that covered approach routes. Five SU122s of the 1442nd Self-Propelled Regiment, and off-board 82mm and 120mm mortars were also available. All Soviet units were dug in. There was also barbed wire and mines across the front.

Air activity was also heavy, with the chance of both German Stukas and Soviet IL2s showing up.

Rick E, Doug A and Rob T were the Germans; and Tom Thomas and Joe E were the Soviets. I had originally intended to handle the Russkies by myself since they were immobile and basically just targets, but with an abundance of players, they got to roll some dice.

Unfortunately only a few pictures because I was busy running the game!

Mark Luther