Set in the Kuban Bridgehead area in the Caucasus region, July 1943, the fight was over the destroyed church to hold the road intersection there. The cards favoured Dave and the Germans, who quickly moved their Blinds to the buildings, no tanks needed.

The Russian plan was to charge the flank of the Germans covered by the LMGs in the HQ section, develop a base of fire there and have the T34s blast the grenadiers out of the buildings covered by both groups of infantry and the ATGs. However, that plan went completely awry when the German sniper pinned the LMGs in the Russian HQs and the Panzerfaust took out the lead T34 on turn 3. By turn 5 the other T34 was a smouldering ruin. With no cover, the Russian platoon was mowed down by the MG42s in the German HQ.

By the time the Panzer IVs showed up, there was nothing left for them to do because the shot-up security squads accompanying what was left of the ATG platoon jumped in their trucks and ran away, leaving the Germans in command of the field.

Soviet Force:

  • 2 x T-34/76s 
  • 2 x 45mm L66 ATGs 
  • 2 x 8-man Security Squads (one per gun)
  • 1 x Infantry Platoon
  • 1  x HQ Group

German Force:

  • 3 x Panzer IV
  • 1 x Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • 1 x HQ Section