The title means "Retreat! Hell!"

This past Saturday my gaming group and I got together to play a WWII battle that I came up with using the Too Fat Lardies new "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" 3rd edition. This particular scenario came from my creative imagination and what I thought could have happened between the Italians and Germans if they had cooperated a little bit more during the invasion of Sicily.

The Italian commander was given the task of holding back the on rushing Americans with one Bersaglieri Platoon and 3 R35's and one Semovent 90/53. Throughout the game the Italians would receive some reinforcements in the form of one regular Italian Infantry platoon and two German rifle platoons.

The American commander had at his disposal 3 rifle platoons, 3 Shermans, 2 MMG and 3 60mm mortars.

The Italians started dug in and opted not to use blinds for their concealment hoping it would slow the Americans down in trying to search them out. This is the table setup before the American placement.

The Americans came onto the board covering a wide front and scouting for the enemy.

In an attempt to draw off some of the American forces the Italian commander released some his scouts.

The dug in Italians spotted a portion of the Americans and found the tanks almost immediately. The Italians would also draw first blood when the Semovent opened up and took out a sherman on the first shot.

Despite the loss of a Sherman, the Americans responded quickly immobilizing the Semovent and destroying an R35 sitting behind a wall.

Soon after the tanks fired the American infantry found the waiting Italian infantry in a grove of trees and a house.

In the most characteristic style the Americans threw everything they had at the Italians and after a few rounds of fire, the Italians lost their bottle and took off.

Out of a 12 turn game I had planned we finished 5 turns in 4 hours and we had to call the game because of time. The reinforcements had only started to come on by this point and had no effect on the battle. I want to set this one up again because I think it has the potential to be a hard fought battle for the Americans if they aren't careful.