A game of I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum from the TooFatLardies in which a British infantry company reinforced with a troop of tanks were attacking a German rearguard under Hauptman Weber.

The Hauptmann commanded two small infantry platoons, two “serious” guns in the form of a pair Flak 88's, and had access to a battery of off-table120mm mortars.

The Tommies immediately stopped advancing when they spotted the 88's, which made them vulnerable to the already zeroed-in heavy mortars. These mainly caused Shock, but prevented the British advance on the left.

In preparation for the deployment of their tanks, the British laid down a heavy curtain of smoke in front of the 88's.

Unfortunately, on the righthand side of the battlefield, the second British squad was caught in open terrain and Pinned by German machine gun fire.

Hauptmann Weber personally commanded 1st platoon in an attempt to make the lives of the Tommies as difficult as possible.

In a last desperate attempt to get out of the killzone, up came the British tanks on the far right…where the first tank was blown up by a fearless Panzerschreck team.

The extremely heroic action of sergeant Köster finally puts an end to British ambitions. Köster grabbed a Panzerfaust and ran forward to unceremoniously render a British Cromwell completely hors de combat.

Then the Germans pulled back under cover of the British smoke to set up again a few kilometers further down the line.

End of game and end game night.

Murphy's Heroes