I pulled out my copy of "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" for a test run. This is part of three sets of rules that I intend to play a few times in a row to see what set I prefer. The other are Kampfgruppe Normandy and Flames of War. I know that Flames of War has a different style to it, but after playing a few games I'm finding myself missing something. So I have set up my kitchen table with some basic terrain and I intend to play IABSM, FOW and KGN with the same layout and debate with myself as too which one is best for me.

Here is the first game of IABSM. I've played this only once before so I was VERY unsure about the rules, but with the help of my wife (playing the Germans) we muddled through.

The self made scenario was a British/American attack on a small T-junction. The allies had a troop if Cromwell tanks with a Challenger backing them up and a full platoon of U.S 101st paratroops attacking a platoon of German infantry backed up by a PaK40 and 2 Panzer IV H's.

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All-in-all a nice set of rules. I think I need some more allied infantry as the odds seem heavily on the German side, so next time I might add some more Allies (or take away some Germans). But it was fun, and the card system did add some tension as both me and my wife really needed cards badly that we could not seem to get :).

I did find it a generally better experience than FoW, but that's not a knock on FoW as I do appreciate it for everything it is doing to the hobby, but I liked the slower pace to the IABSM rules. I also liked the tank of tank fights in from this game a lot more than FoW somehow. The close combat was bloody !! Ten Paratroopers attack six Germans in a trench, the U.S get 14 dice and the Germans get 17...every 5 or 6 is a death.... that meant a lot of dead very fast.

I will re-read the rules and try again.

I am going to rate the game on 10 points that I think are important for me in a rules set. These are based on an incomplete experience so far and I will modify it as I play more. But I'd like to find a set of rules that handle the following things with a nice balance of fun mixed with historical accuracy.

First game ratings :- (only for this match, I will play again)

  • Fun :- 8/10 (did I enjoy the experience) 

  • 15mm scale fit :- 7/10 (was is easy to use my already based figures with it ) 

  • Handling of infantry :- 7/10 (were infantry handled easily, does morale bog the game down?) 

  • Handling of Armour :- 8/10 (was damaged logged, or was it fire, save, kill based) 

  • Handling of guns :- 8/10 (did AT guns act historically) 

  • WW2 historical feel :- 9/10 (did I feel as though I was playing in WW2) 

  • Speed of play :- 5/10 (did the game flow nicely from start to finish) 

  • Quick grasp of rules :- 8/10 (does my sorry state of a brain understand the authors' intention) 

  • Book layout :- 6/10 ( are the rules easy to follow, easy to read and are they laid out nicely) 

  • New player friendly :- 9/10 ( can I teach my wife to play, plus does she understand what's happening)

Total is 75/100

Thanks for looking....