Played my first game of I An't Been Shot Mum (IABSM), the company level rules from Too Fat Lardies. Lots of fun and a great game. The rules encouraged and showcased real tactics. Cover, fire+movement, and C2 are important.

I placed a German platoon with two machineguns in a hidden defense. Set the stage for the US commander (my son) to bring on his rifle company in column of platoons. He had intel that a STUG had been knocked out by the air force (just a threat to make him worry about tanks) and that the scouts had recieved mortar fire (shell holes in the open to warn him to stay in cover).


Despite buying the Flames of War books and building two forces, I never liked the rules after just a few games. I do like the size of the games (company or so per side) so I kept researching. Deciding I like card driven mechanics, I made the jump to IABSM...glad I did. Makes for a fun game, customizable, and just the right size.

I have to check a few rules as I know we made some mistakes. Looking forward to the sci-fi rules from Too Fat Lardies.