Christmas vacation has allowed me to get in a game of I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! using my new British infantry company on the new Hexon terrain boards.

The scenario calls for a British advance on a German defensive line centered on two farm houses covering a second line behind the river. The Brits are supported by a US weapons platoon (since my British MGs and mortars are waiting on bases).

Still learning the rules, but things flowed well. Have to re-read the use of mortars and smoke. Loved using my custom cards with the picture of my dog on the other side.

Germans lost 25 casualties and both primary objectives but never used the troops in the 2nd defense line...dropping this to a marginal British victory.

British casualties: 21 total (7 dead, 5 heavy wounded, 9 light wounded) 1st Platoon: 6 dead, 4 heavy wounded, 2 light wounded 2nd Platoon: 1 dead, 5 light wounded 3rd Platoon: 1 heavy wounded, 2 light wounded.