This is an AAR for a IABSM battle fought over my new hedgerows. A British company with some support must attack through the bocage to threaten the flank of a defending German battalion.

The British have: 

  • HQ w/ scout section 
  • 3 x infantry platoons 
  • 2 x Churchills (they can be called forward once a path through the hedgerows is identified) 
  • 2 x MGs (called forward once the enemy main line is identified) 
  • FO w/ battery of 25lb guns (4 salvos)

The Germans have: 

  • 2 x infantry platoons 
  • 1 x sniper 
  • 2 x MG-42s 
  • 2 x AT teams 
  • 1 x 75mm AT Gun w/ halftrack 
  • 1 x armored car 

The Germans have outpost teams forward in each platoon area.  The entire force is hesitant (must pull back the closest unit to the enemy on that card).

The British objectives were to clear a path for the tanks through the hedgerows, take the orchard, the central hill, and the church. This would place them on the flank of the enemy battalion and force the Germans to retreat.

The Game

The British accomplished all objectives but suffered heavy casualties to one platoon. The German's withdrew about 30 men, one MG-42, and the AT gun. They lost the armoured car, and 38 men.

British Casualties: eight KIA, five H-WIA, four L-WIA 

[HQ: 2 H-WIA (scouts); 1st: 1 KIA, 1 H-WIA; 2nd: 6 KIA, 1 H-WIA, 2 L-WIA; 3rd: 1 KIA, 2 H-WIA, 2 L-WIA]

Four new replacements showed up and have gone to 1st and 3rd platoons to keep them full strength. 2nd platoon is down nine men (two were sent to the HQ scout section) and reorganized as two sections. Next battle reinforcement roll will be d8.