I ran a refresher game of IABSM on Monday night for Reuben and two of our Andy's (M and Mac). It was a small scrap: a US rifle company with two Shermans vs an understrength German company with a Pak40.

We did, though, prove that the hill boards we built for Bloody Omaha are nicely reusable. As I think I mentioned, I made sure all the slopes started perpendicular to the board edge, 150, 300 or 450 mm from an end, and sloped up at 50mm in 150mm. Hence, although you might not be able to see it in the photos, we have here a little village in a natural valley.

AndyM deployed hidden, and managed to largely avoid the effects of the US pre-game stonk, The US then proceeded to show up rather piecemeal, #2 platoon getting shot to bits and forced to pull back before anything else had a chance. The arrival of the two Shermans improved matters greatly, as (despite presenting flank on to the Pak40) they managed to take out the antitank gun and make a royal mess of the buildings the Germans were hiding in.

Not sure what the villagers would have said, mind you!

We ran out of time before we had a clear result, though advantage definitely to the US. What it was, though, was a good reminder for me as to the rules, since I need to keep in practice.

Mike Whitaker