Part One

My wife and I spent this weekend making some more terrain for 15mm WW2. That included making more hedges, trees, cornfields, fences, and buildings. She also flocked allot of the roads we already owned while I painted up some 15mm British infantry platoons. It took us from right after work Friday, until Sunday at 5pm, but it was worth it. We put on some movies, had pizza and ate all kinds of snacks ! and as she is 6 months pregnant, she did not mind at all.

Because it took so long to finish the terrain I can only show you the first three turns of the IABSM play #2. But I will play the rest later this week and update my review of this rule set. First up, I will say that I played the infantry all wrong last game, so that has been adjusted and it really made a nice difference to the feel of moving and using infantry squads. I love how the infantry squad can operate on its own for a time (until it starts taking several hits). If you choose to leave a squad behind for covering fire, it really feels like "covering fire". I also said before that I liked the slower pace to the game and the randomness of the card system those two things are still enjoyable for me after I stopped playing tonight.

Anyway, before I played the second game, I adjusted the terrain somewhat to give it a better Normandy feel. I took out the river and added a small town. The allied objective is to take the town and clear it of any German defenders. The German object was simply to defend the town.

Here is the table layout. My wife and I put a lot of work into terrain these last few weeks, and it seems to have worked out!


Gallery One (click on the pic)


I did not have enough time to play this battle any further tonight, but I will play the rest over the coming week.

So far IABSM is one of my favorite WW2 rules. The armor is played at a more realistic pace than FoW (from my opinion so far) and the Infantry play has a kind of "skirmish" feel to them (which I like).

On the bad side.. I really REALLY would have loved a cheat sheet with all the charts and things on them as it was VERY frustrating turning the pages "back and forth" over and over again. I also found that the layout in the book to be just as frustrating this time as it was last time.

Anyway... will update again soon with more shots of the game.

Part Two

Turns 3-5...

Somehow this post deleted all the text, but not the pictures, so I'll have to give a quick summary of what happened during these turns again... *sigh*

I did get the cheat sheets, and they helped A LOT ! They made all the frustrations go away pretty fast.


Gallery Two


Casualties so far :- 8 SS vs 13 Allied soldiers, 1 damaged Sherman and 1 KIA Sherman.

Part Three

Played 3 more turns tonight...


Gallery Three


Casualties are now

SS :- 15 men, 1 x StuG KIA , 1x StuG with major damage. Allies :- 18men, 1x Sherman KIA, 3x Shermans with minor damage.

Part Four

Just played turns 8 through 10 of IABSM... unlike the last update, this was a disaster for the allies.


Gallery Four


Casualties so far :-

Germans :- 21 men 1x StuG KIA, 1x StuG with major damage.

Allies :- 37 men, 3xShermans KIA, 1 Sherman minor damage.

Yikes !!