Hauptmann Turrill commanded two Tigers and four Panzer IVs, and four platoons of Panzer Grenadiers for a furious counter attack into a shattered town. The Germans had to negotiate a number of hedgerows and chokepoints and push out a small but tough force of Americans.

The Americans under Captain Patchen had two small platoons of infantry but were rich in armor and support assets: a full platoon offive regular Shermans and two Shermans with 76 millimeter guns. They also have a small 82 millimeter mortar battery on call and, most importantly, Mustangs with rockets ready for their master's call.

It was a great game and it had a little bit of everything. The Germans were clearly in the lead when we called the game. There was still some bloody hand to hand fighting to do in the rubble in the center of town but it certainly looked like the numerically superior and mobile Germans were going to win that fight and then push the penned in American armor into a disadvantageous fight with the remaining German armor which they were not likely to win!

Joe Patchen