Sandwiching Historicon, I played an IABSM WW2 battle with my British company...using the Vacqueville scenario from the latest (Summer'14) Too Fat Lardies special. Made a few minor adjustments to match my forces, but stayed true as best I could.

My company with attached FO and machinegun team (plus three tanks coming on later) faced a German force of five squads, sniper team, AT team, MG-42 team, and an anti-tank gun. They were defending along the boccage and in the town with a squad in reserve on each side.

Casualties at the end for the Germans: twenty-one men retreated including the AT team, but they abandoned the AT gun. Thirty-five men lost including both leaders and the machinegun team.

British: nineteen men lost: four KIA, ten WIA, five RTD.