German Player's Report

I am dictating this note to my adjudant as my injuries are too severe to hold the pen. It looks like this might be my last message. After extremely hard fighting, the Britishers have held onto their initial gains. The German commanders can be proud of their contribution, its unlikely that the airborne forces will be in any position to hold off our second wave.

The Allies put up a spirited attack, performed miracles with small groups of men, and pressed our defences very hard. They will be proud of their contribution but we shall beat them in the end.

(At this point the dictation ceased, the ambulance truck being hit by a 15" naval gun shell, this paper being found by Private Tomkins of the 5th Loamshires on 8th June.)

More seriously, thanks to all the fellow players for a great game, hard fought in good humour as ever. More importantly, thanks to the hard working umpires who kept the whole thing flowing with a real Lardy spirit. A great day!

Max Maxwell