The Matilda Vs Italian Gun line was a small game fought between Biff and Martin Kay. Martin is the only person apart from Rich Clarke who has been at all the TFL games days, and in fact pioneered the German victory as the C-in-C on the Crete Day. Just before Xmas, Martin was in a serious head on car crash and has been in hospital since. Martin surprised us all by leaving hospital just to be with us for a bit. A very welcome sight Martin continue to get well soon mate.

Basically the Matildas advanced at a slow pace whilst the six Italian guns fired at them hitting them but with very little effect. Eventually the Matildas got near enough for four to have minor damage: no mean feat when the Italian gun factor was 5 verses 9 for British armour.

Biff finally got into the guns and began crushing them with his Matildas one by one. Some of Biff's losses would be removed from those available for the afternoon games we were informed. However, no British troops on the other tables had called for any reinforcements and so all were available for the afternoon.