Taking advantage of the half-term holiday and the good natures of our respective spouses (!) Richard Clarke and I managed to get a game of IABSM in. As we had access to Lardy HQ, with its unlimited supply of tables (the only thing missing was the usual gospel choir: Richard even provided the pizza and the wind for that authentic Lardy Games Day experience) we decided to play one of the long games from the Fall of the Liongate scenario supplement: #18 Bukit Timah. This isn't a full report: more pictures with long captions!

The British defended three roadblocks, which the Japanese attacked in turn. Below, Roadblock One was assaulted by two platoons of Japanese Chi Ha medium tanks:

Although the brave Plymouth Argyll's stopped or turned back four tanks, once the Japanese infantry arrived, the result was a foregone conclusion. One British platoon sacrificed itself to give the other a proper chance to get away.

The Japs then advanced to a railway embankment to see if they could see the second roadblock. In the background you can just see a second Japanese platoon advancing towards the second British platoon that had taken refuge in the thick undergrowth.

The British Lanchester armoured cars withdrew towards the roadblock in reverse:

The Japanese prepare to assault the second roadblock. That's two platoons of Ha Go light tanks heading towards it, with a third platoon of infantry somewhat unwisely charging straight at it over open ground. The British Blind in the wood, along with the men actually behind the block, are about to do them horrendous damage. Unfortunately, the Japanese Blind on the right will then hit the end of the firing line established by the Brits coming off their Blind and roll it up remorselessly. Meanwhile, the Japs in the jungle on the left will advance up the table threatening to outflank the block, which will finally fall to a Banzai charge from the battered Japanese third platoon.

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Robert Avery