Saturday was another participation game, this time at Incognicon in Skarpnäck, a suburb of Stockholm. We used the IABSM v3 rules, and our game was set in Russia in 1942, on the road to Stalingrad, and it was based on the scenario “Nice one Kirill” from Too Fat Lardies' Summer Special 2007. We used slightly different troops, mainly to fit what we had built.

Today’s objective – take and hold the bridge We met at 10.00, and had set up and were ready to play at about noon. As usual we had one of us playing the defenders, in this scenario the Russians, and everyone who wanted had a chance at the Germans. We immediately got a bunch of interested ‘evil nazis’ (even though they seemed very friendly) to take us on. As usual when playing IABSM we start with an empty board. The defenders set up hidden, and has to be spotted, actively, when you’re close enough or when they shoot at you. Attackers enter the board under blinds.


 Our brave defender declared the game over, as he had no anti-tank capabilities left and all his troops had either fled/retreated over the bridge or were in the process of fording it.

There was much rejoicing in the German camp as they celebrated their victory. But the victory was bitter-sweet as practically all German foot-soldiers had perished and several AFVs were left burning on the battlefield. The crashed Hanomags where an embarrassment but could be salvaged, as could the other damaged vehicles. 

All in all a great game, and we hopefully caught a couple of new players. I enjoyed myself immensely as ‘Propaganda Officer’ (i.e., snaring unsuspecting passers-by, explaining rules and troops, taking pics and eating biscuits). Next Con will be the desert, 1942 and LRDG, and I’ve got a spiffy costume for that. Tally-ho!

The Miniatures Man