I’ve been intrigued by I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (IABSM) for a while now. The rules from Too Fat Lardies have clearly got a large online following and are now in their third version, priced at £12 for a PDF, the rules were certainly worth a punt.

Last night Matt and I tried out one of the scenarios from the rulebook, “North of Caen”, which pits a company of British infantry against a couple of platoons of Germans dug in around a cluster of buildings. I won’t try to do a review of the rules or an explanation of the mechanics as there are already good ones out there. What I will say is that we were both very pleased with our experience and although we had a raft of questions resulting from our game, and although I spent a large amount of time with my head in the rulebook searching for x,y or z so we didn’t finish the scenario, I think we were both pretty impressed and are looking forward to the next game.

I took only a few pictures as the light was pants due to the whopping big lightning storm we had half an hour before which lingered around for the evening. Small dice recorded casualties and Irregular Miniatures 6mm explosions are used to count Shock points. All miniatures are 10mm Pendraken painted by me, terrain is a mix of resin buildings and hedges from Timecast, doormat and teddy bear fur fields and trees made by myself and bought from The Last Valley.

An overview of the table at the start of the game

A section from 2nd Platoon gets mullered by the MG42

Further shock compels the section to fall straight back, inflicting five shock on a section behind

Looking slightly Napoleonic, 1st Platoon take positions in an orchard facing more Germans (Behind the building from the camera)

Porte Royale