Today I have been mostly losing the final battle in the Vyazma campaign: giving Neil victory in the campaign as a whole.

A bit gutting, especially as I wrote the damn thing! Mind you, I'm notoriously bad at playing my own battles: if you ever want to beat me, just make sure I wrote the scenario!

Neil definitely cheated, though, by having a completely different plan to any of the people I used to playtest this particular scenario, leaving me with all my men in the wrong place at the wrong time!

It was a sorry tale of a grinding Soviet attack isolating and overwhelming the Germans bit by bit. I just couldn't knock out his KV- 1's, despite having three ATG's, a Sig33 (allegedly jolly effective against a tank), and a PzIV: one Soviet tank taking at least nine shots without getting a single point of damage. Must have been driven by Captain Scarletski!

I am now officially sulking, but consoling myself by painting large amounts of Japanese HMG's and 70mm guns. Let's see how well he does against them!


Robert Avery