Fall of the Lion Gate

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Front Cover Liongate 2.1 full size.jpg

Fall of the Lion Gate


To Die For The Emperor Is To Live Forever!

In December 1941 the Japanese Empire invaded British Malaya, driving down the penninsula towards Singapore, Britain's main naval base in the Far East.

The campaign was a hard one, fought between two enemies who had little understanding or appreciation of their opponents. The end result was a military disaster the like of which Britain had never seen before.

With this huge supplement of 21 scenarios for I Ain't Been Shot Mum, Robert Avery presents us with an option of fighting a linked campaign or individual stand-alone games. Can you stop the Japanese juggernaut?

Make sure you can Banzai! with the best of them with Robert Avery's Fall of the Lion Gate pdf scenario booklet for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

An extensive history of the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore accompanied by twenty-one unique scenarios for I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! including attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, an opposed landing, ambushes, fighting retreats, and even a last stand!

Fall of the Lion Gate contains the following scenarios: Kota Bahru; Ban Sadao; The Ledge; Jitra; Gurun; Grik Road; Kota Tampan; Kampar; Kuantan; Slim River; Muar; Bakri; Batu Pahat; Mersing; Layang Layang; Airstrip Road; Kranji Peninsular; Bukit Timah; Jurong Road; Nee Soon; and Pasir Panjang.

Each scenario contains a background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, unpack your figures, set up the table, and away you go!

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Some Lion Gate reviews from the TFL Yahoo Group

Christmas arrived early today. My pdf of this supplement.

Robert Avery has surpassed himself again. Jungle terrain rules, night fighting/spotting, special rules, colour maps, and even names and ranks for the Big Men. Thank you.

Buy it now; it's fantastic.... Have only had a cursory glance through so far, but it looks awesome; real depth to the scenarios, and a good range of sizes, from middling small to Dom and Kev special....

Great stuff; very well done, Robert, have a gold star.

Dom :-)

Completely agree Dom.

Having proof read through it for Rob several times, I have to say it is a masterpiece.

His Calais was good, his Vyazma was great, his Lion Gate is truly superb, magnificent!

What amazes me is how Rob manages to write these things to such a level of detail, making them both relevant and playable and yet produce two sterling works in a year, whilst juggling career and family.

I am constantly very impressed, and put to shame, with what he manages.

It's out on the 8th December. I suggest all list members purchase this one. It will provide hours of entertainment for the discerning WW2 gamer through the cold and dark of winter.

A must.

Well done again Rob.

Regards Kev

I'll echo the comments on the quality of the "Fall of the Lion Gate". The WWII cartoons are a nice touch.

Now I have two more armies, that I had previously hadn't planned on, to add to my list.

John G. 


Top marks on another top production, nigh on inspirational!

What's next?



thanks for this - I have not been through it in detail but am overwhelmed by the passion and detail involved!!  I have ordered Moon Over Malaya - thanks for the tip

Good to see you the other evening