Below you will see an almost complete paper-strength US Army Rifle Platoon for the Vietnam period. Although I only have two rather than three platoons of basic infantry, this is enough to give me plenty of units if configured for a more realistic "in country" strength.

All the infantry figures are from the now seemingly defunct Flashpoint range, although I think the chap who designed them is responsible for the new Battlefront/FOW "When We Were Soldiers" range. The Pattons, M577, M113s, Duster and M551s are from Battlefront.


Company HQ & Specialists

company hq



Core Troops

1st Platoon

1st platoon/weapons squad

2nd platoon

2nd platoon/weapons squad

Support Troops

M577 Command Vehicle

M113 APCs

M551 Sheridan Tanks

M551 Sheridan Tanks

M41 A3 Walker Bulldog Tanks

M48 A3 Patton Tanks

M42 A1 'Duster'

Aerial Assets

Half AN AIRLIFT plAtoon

Riverine Assets

Monitor C&C Ship


Monitor APC


PACV Hovercraft