The Company represents the sort of force that might have fought the Japanese in either Burma or Malaya/Singapore during the period where it seemed that nothing could stop the "Yellow Peril" from marching all the way to Bombay! As such, it is a mix of troops, both British and "Indian", all working together to fight their way through to safety.

I have only included those figures painted specifically to represent troops fighting in the Far East: obviously in any wargame the figures below could be augmented by figures from my BEF force (c.f.). 

The figures come from a mix of manufacturers. The British troops are 'Australians' from Eureka (1st Platoon); 'Australians' from Battlefront (2nd Platoon); and the chaps in pith helmets are from the Minifigs WW1 range (3rd Platoon). The Sikhs and Baluchs are from Battlefront, but the Gurkhas are from Eureka: easily the best Gurkha range out there, and they carry their kukris the right way round (you know who you are, unnamed figure manufacturer!). The Chinese are from Eureka; and the mules and handlers are from Peter Pig. All the vehicles are from Battlefront except for the Rolls Royces: they are Minifigs WW1 again.



Core Troops: British Infantry

Company HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

Core Troops: British Indian Infantry

Company HQ

Sikh Platoon

Baluch Platoon

Gurkha Platoon

Support Troops

MMG Platoon (British)

MMG Platoon (British)

MMG Platoon (British Indian)


Scout Platoon in Indian Pattern Carriers

Armoured Car Troop in Rolls Royce Armoured Cars


Light Tank Troop from 7th Hussars in Stuart "Honey" Tanks

Section of Horse Artillery ith 25pdr guns

1/2 section of AA Guns with 37mm Bofors AA guns

Nordenfelt Projector & Humber Beaverette

Chinese Allies!