Although my late war Soviet tank company has all the meaty armoured units in it, I maintain a soft spot for the basic Soviet rifle company: the very definition of a solid, defensive force. This is also where I put any units that don't really fit with the tankies: Cossacks, partisans, even Guards heavy tanks. All the figures except the engineer flamethrowers and mine dogs are Battlefront, those two are from Peter Pig. Oh, and the aircraft come from Armaments in Miniature: proper 1:100 scale planes not itsy-bitsy smaller ones! 

With seven platoons of infantry, one platoon of cavalry, nine MMGs, six medium mortars, six heavy mortars, and four Zis-3 guns, this is truly a force to be reckoned with. Add in the Guards Tank Company sneaked on at the bottom under Other Support and it really is a case of "come on, then, if you think you're hard enough!"


Company HQ & Specialists

Company HQ (Big Men)

Command Post/Objective Marker

(Overstrength) MMGs attached to HQ (3/2 x MMG)

Snipers attached to HQ (2 x Sniper)

Core Troops

Vzvod One (3 x Rifle Otdyelyeniye)



Battalion Support

Two Mortar Vzvods (6 x 82mm Mortars)

Two MMG Vzvods (6 x Maxim MMG)

Anti-Tank Otdyelyeniye (3 x PTRD AT Rifle)

Anti-Tank Gun Vzvod (2 x 45mm L46 Guns)

Regimental Support

SMG Vzvod (3 x SMG Otdyelyeniye)

Heavy Mortars (120mm Mortars)

Infantry Gun Vzvod (4 x 76.2mm Zis-3 Field Guns)

Anti-Tank Gun Rota (6 x 45mm L46 Guns)

Company Transport (Trucks/Gaz Jeeps)


Engineer Assets

Engineer Vzvod (3 x Engineer Otdyelyeniye)

Engineer Flamethrowers (4 x Flamethrower Team)

Engineer Mine Dog Teams (2 x Mine Dog Teams)

Engineer Transport (2 x Truck)

Cossacks & Partisans

Czota HQ

1st Roy

2nd Roy

3rd Roy

Dismounted Czota

Cossack MMG Tchankas


Mounted Partisans

Support Elements from Other Formations

Divisional Artillery Battery (2 x 122mm M38 Guns)

Divisional Artillery Battery (4 x Katyusha)

Anti-Aircraft Vzvod (2 x 37mm LZP Guns)

Anti-Aircraft Vzvod (2 x DShK AA HMGs on Trucks)

203mm Howitzer M1931

Guards Heavy Tank Rota (5 x IS-II with scout BA-64)

Lend Lease Heavy Tank (1 x Churchill Mk III)

Air Support

Mig-3 Fighter

Ilyushin Il-2 "Sturmovich"


Armoured Train

Engine & Tender

Open Wagon

Armoured Wagon