The core of my Soviet force is an infantry company that can, if necessary, be motorised. To this base can be added a wide variety of supports units in order to represent all possible theatres and periods during the Great Patriotic War. As the Vpered na Berlin lists cover the late war period, this gallery will concentrate on my early war force.

There are the usual infantry support weapons: MMGs, Mortars, anti-tank guns etc, but also available are platoons of Scouts, SMG-armed infantry, naval infantry and engineers. There is about half of a Cossack Sotnya for mounted support, and a wide variety of armoured vehicles from the lightest of armoured cars to the heaviest and most modern assault guns. Medium and heavy field artillery are backed up by rockets from a Katyushka truck and finally, if all else fails, there's an armoured train!


Company HQ

Company HQ plus Commissars

Snipers & Light Mortars

Command Post

Staff Car

Core Troops

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

MMG Platoon

Battalion, Regimental & Divisional Support

Anti-Tank Gun Platoon (45mm L46 Guns)

Mortar Platoon (82mm Mortars)

MMG Platoon (Maxims)

Anti-Tank Rifles (PTRD/S Rifles)

Scout Platoon

SMG Platoon

Naval Infantry Platoon


Field Gun Section (76mm L18 M27 Guns)

Heavy Gun Section (122mm M38 Guns)

Heavy Mortars (120mm Mortars)

SU-12 Battery (75mm Guns on Gaz Trucks)

Katyusha Rockets

AA Platoon (4xMMG on Truck)

AA Platoon (HMG on Trucks)

Anti-Aircraft Section (37mm LZP Guns)




Mine Dogs

Engineer Trucks

Cossacks & Partisans

Platoon HQ

1st Squad

2nd Squad

3rd Squad

Dsimounted Platoon



Mounted Partisans

Early War Armour

BA-6 & BA-20 Armoured Cars

FAI-M Armoured Cars

BA-10 Armoured Cars

T-20 Komsomoleyts

T-38 Scout Tanks

T-26 platoon 1

t-26 platoon 2

Kh T-26 Tanks (flamethrower)

bt-5 platoon

BT-7 Tanks

BT-7A CS Tanks


T-28 Tanks

T-35 Tanks

KV-1 Tanks

KV-2 Tank

T-34 Tanks (1st Platoon)

T-34 Tanks (2nd Platoon)

Tank Crews


Air Support

Polikarpov I-153

Polikarpov I-16


Armoured Train

Engine & tender

Open Wagon

Armoured Wagon