Aphids by Robert Avery

(Aphids from Zombiesmith; with figures from Battlefront, Battlestations, Blue Moon, Spartan Games and Team Frog)


Brog & VOTT by Robert Avery

(Brog, VOTT and VIPERS from Rebel Minis)


Avians by Robert Avery

(Harook from Mad Robot; with figures from Khurasan and Top Gun Marketing) 


Chewk by Robert Avery

(Chewk from Khurasan)


Chuhuac by Robert Avery

(Chuhuac & Ikwen from Loud Ninja Games)


Dwarves in Space

(Various space dwarves from Khurasan, Rebel, Clear Horizon & Cactus)


The Garn Confederation 

(Garn, Felid & Taurans from Khurasan; with figures from Antenoci's Workshop, GZG and Spartan Games)



(Gitungi from Micropanzer; with vehicles from Khurasan, GZG and Daemonscape)


The Hive by Robert Avery

(Various insectoid races: figures from Highlander Studios, Khurasan and Pendraken)


Nova Respublik by Robert Avery

(Humans from Khurasan)    


The Pelagic Dominate by Robert Avery

(Cnidarians, Karkarines, Myzontids, Orcas and Parasachnids from Khurasan)


Praesentia by Robert Avery

(Praesentia from Critical Mass Games)


The Protolene Khanate by Robert Avery

(Protolenes from Critical Mass Games)



(Quar from Zombiesmith)



(Sisterhood from Onslaught Miniatures)


Space Bugs by Robert Avery

 (Space Bugs from Highlander Studios)


The Spug by Robert Avery

(Spug from Spriggan Miniatures; with figures from GZG and Spartan Games)


Stikk & Itu'a by Robert Avery

(Entomal and Itu'a from Khurasan)


Tah-Sig by Robert Avery

(Tah-Sig from Khurasan)


Ursids by Robert Avery

(Ursids from Khurasan; with figures from Stan Johansen)


US Army, WWW2 by Robert Avery

(Humans from various WW2 figure manufacturers; plus experimental weapons from Clockwork Goblin)


Vornid by Robert Avery

Vornid from Khurasan with Slishians from Hydra, Horrids from Ravenstar Studio, and figures from GZG.


Xar by Robert Avery

Xar from Ground Zero Games