Battle Report

Battle Report: 3rd December 1994

Mexican Juarista ~vs~ French Interventionist

(Robert Avery ~vs~ Rupert Avery)


Mexican Juarista



Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points
. CinC


. .. . . 100
  2inC 2         100
Line LosSupremosPodres 30 6x5 RegC mlr   290
Infantry Zapadores 30 6x5 RegC mlr   290
  1st Line Battalion 30 6x5 MilC sbm   230
  2nd Line Battalion 30 6x5 MilC sbm   230
  3rd Line Battalion 30 6x5 MilD sbm   170
  4th Line Battalion 30 6x5 MilD sbm   170
Line Dragoons 12 2x6 MilD s, mlc, p   152
Cavalry Lancers 12 2x6 MilC s, l, p   164
  Rancheros 12 2x6 MilC s, mlc, p, l   176
Artillery 1st Battery 3 3x1 RegC medium mlsb FA   285
Guerillos 1st Horse 10 1x10 IrregC s, mlc   125
Horse 2nd Horse 10 1x10 IrregC s, mlc   125
  3rd Horse 10 1x10 IrregC s, mlc   125
Guerillos 1st Foot 32 1x32 IrregC sbm   175
Foot 2nd Foot 32 1x32 IrregC sbm   175
  3rd Foot 32 1x32 IrregC sbm   175
Train Ammo Wagon 1         50

French Interventionist
















  2inC 1         50
Infantry Veteran Infantry 36 6x6 RegA mlr (1 co LI)   504
  Zouaves 36 6x6 RegB mlr (1 co LI)   432
  1st Line 36 6x6 RegC mlr (1 co LI)   306
  2nd Line 36 6x6 RegC mlr   192
Cavalry Guard Hussars 12 2x6 RegA s, p   216
  Guard Dragoons 12 2x6 RegA s, p, mlc   228
  Lancers 12 2x6 RegB s, p, l   206
  Cuirassiers 12 2x6 RegB s, p, armour   206
Artillery 1st Battery 3 3x1 RegB light mlrb FA   289
Egyptian 2inC 1         50


1st Battalion 20 4x5 RegC mlr   220
  2nd Battalion 24 4x6 RegC mlr   256
. Mexican Juarista French Interventionist
Foot 5520 3400
Horse 1320 960
Guns 6 6


The French had stolen a march on the Mexicans by forced marching to stretch right across the battlefield as opposed to entering, as expected, at the corner opposite a Mexican village. This fairly well scotched the brilliant plans of the Mexican commander - but then all is fair in love and war and you can never really trust these Frenchies either!

The battle was divided into three sections: both geographically and chronologically. The first, and main, section, was the centre of the battlefield: with the French Veterans, artillery and Zouaves facing up to the two regular Mexican infantry units supported by the guerillos foot.

Both sides advanced strongly towards each other but, in their eagerness to capture the central hill, the French artillery outstripped their infantry and ended up, still limbered, too close to the Mexicans. Seeing their opportunity, the LSP’s, headed by the Mexican General Louis Louis, charged the guns: rushing through a hail of cannister fire to capture them as their crews fled to their infantry.

As the other Mexican units rushed to support them, the LSP’s (whilst trying to spike the Mexican guns) were charged by a squadron of French Lancers backed up by one of Cuirassiers.

Still disordered after their own charge, the LSP’s were smashed backwards, routing. The French cavalry charged onwards: into the Zapadores, who were frantically trying to form line.

The Zapadores routed as well, although they managed to wipe out the Lancers with rifle fire, but it looked as if nothing could stop the Cuirassiers. However, they were counter-charged by the yellow-flag guerillos who, through sheer weight of numbers, threw them backwards and then overwhelmed them in melee.

At the same time, General Louis Louis, who had watched in some confusion as unit after unit had charged past him (in both directions) took off his hat to salute the guerillos infantry. “Surely nothing can stop us now,” he said: and was promptly shot horribly in the head, splattering his brains over his staff! This proved the final straw for the Mexicans in the centre: their attack was stalled.

Meanwhile, seeking to relieve the pressure on the centre, the Mexican left flank launched an impetuous attack up the road leading from the village: straight at the Egyptian Legion. 

Unfortunately, fitness had not been a priority in the training the two militia battalions had received. Their charges petered out right under the muskets of the Egyptians: who fired, routing them.

Finally, as a last ditch attempt, the Mexican irregular cavalry charged another lancer/cuirassier unit: but were easily squashed by the grim-faced regulars. 


The Mexicans lost 282 LSP’s; 60 Zapadores; 108 Militia; 95 Guerillos Foot and 35 Guerillos Horse: a total of 580. Their CinC suffered a spectacular death!

The French lost 36 Veteran Infantry; 121 Lancers; 16 Cuirassiers and 62 Egyptians: a total of 235. One French 2inC was seriously wouned, and the Egyptian Legion 2inC was lightly wounded.


A victory for the French.


A most enjoyable battle, with the Mexicans enjoying initial success, but overextending themselves to their eventual downfall.