Battle Report: 5th January 2001

Prussian ~vs~ Austrian

(Dave Lancaster ~vs~ Robert Avery) .




Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points
. CinC


. .. . 100 100
Infantry 2inC 1       50 50
  Attached Jaegers 32 4x8 LightsB mlr   424
  Grenadiers 32 4x8 RegB mlr   292
  1st Fusiliers 42 6x7 RegC mlr   438
  2nd Fusiliers 42 6x7 RegC mlr   438
Cavalry 2inC 1       50 50
  Uhlans 14 2x7 RegB s, l, p   244
  Dragoons 14 2x7 RegB s, mlc   230
Artillery 1st Battery 3 3x1 RegB light blrb FA   309
  Ammo Wagon         50 50
















100 100
Infantry 2inC 1       50 50
  Guards 24 2x12 RegA blr   332
  Jaegers 36 3x12 LightsB blr   498
  1st Line 24 2x12 RegC blr   260
  2nd Line 48 4x12 RegC blr   520
Cavalry 2inC 1       50 50
  Cuirassiers 12 2x6 RegA s, armour, blc   224
  Lancers 12 2x6 RegB s, l, p   188
  Dragoons 8 1x8 RegB s, blc   148
Artillery 1st Battery 3 3x1 RegB light blrb FA   309
  Ammo Wagon         50 50
. Austrians Prussians
Foot 2960 2640
Horse 560 640
Guns 6 6


Neither side outscouted. The Austrians formed their line infantry into a line across the centre of the battlefield, protected by a skirmish line of jaegers, and supported by a section of artillery at either end. On their right flank, they had the grenadiers in column, with one artillery section. Their left flank was anchored on the wood, behind which sheltered their cavalry and ammo wagon.

The Prussians had a company of guards; the 1st line battalion; and 3 companies of the 2nd line battalion in line opposite the Austrian infantry, also protected by skirmishing jaegers (2 companies). The right flank of their line was protected by a squadron of uhlans and the cuirassiers, formed into column, and with a single section of artillery on a hill further to the right, supported by the remaining company of line infantry. Their left flank comprised the remaining companies of guards and jaegers, supported by the remaining two sections of artillery, and the rest of the cavalry.

The battle opened with both sides advancing towards each other, exchanging artillery fire to little effect.

In the centre, the Austrian line reached the edge of the wood that their left flank was anchored on, and halted. The Prussian skirmishers advanced quickly, but then halted as they waited for the infantry in line to catch them up, mysteriously conserving their ammunition rather than advancing into their superior range against the Austrian line.

Suddenly the Prussians changed tactics:  on their left, thecavalry and infantry charged the deploying Austrian grenadiers; on the right, their cavalry charged the end of the Austrian line.

Neither charge worked. On the left, the cavalry were routed by fire from half the grenadiers (at 120 yards ie before fear of charge), and the infantry were destroyed or routed by the rest of the grenadiers point blank fire supported by double canister from the guns. On the right, the cavalry were annihilated by fire from the main Austrian line (the skirmishers had disengaged) and the single section of artillery there.

From that moment, the battle was really decided in the Austrians’ favour. On their right, the grenadiers advanced and captured the now unsupported Prussian guns. In the centre the two skirmish lines started an inconclusive firefight. On the left, the Austrian cavalry emerged from their cover and moved forward to threaten the Prussian flank.

The Prussian line came under fire from their flank from the Austrian artillery, grenadiers and captured Prussian guns. This routed half of them and although the remainder attempted a charge on the Austrian centre, this was easily repulsed.

As the battle ended, the Prussians were in full retreat as the Austrian cavalry moved in for the kill!


The Austrians lost 80 grenadiers; 20 fusiliers; and 80 jaegers:  a total of 180 men.

The Prussians lost all the Uhlans; 40 dragoons; all the cuirassiers; 140 jaegers; 120 guards; 20 artillerymen and 1 gun; 180 line infantry and one sub-general suffered a heavy wound:  a total of 981 men!


A total victory for the Austrians.


The Prussian commander threw away the battle when, despite warnings, he threw away his cavalry charging the front of formed or forming infantry closely supported by artillery.