Battle Report: 13th April 2002

Spanish Colonial ~vs~ Mexican Juarista

(Robert Avery ~vs~ Rupert Avery) .

Spanish Colonial



Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points
. CinC


. .. . 100 100
1st 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Talavera Regt. 20 4x5 LightsC mlr 10 240
  1st Battalion 24 4x6 MilC mlr 7 208
  2nd Battalion 24 4x6 MilC mlr 7 208
  3rd Battalion 24 4x6 MilD mlr 6 184
  4th Battalion 24 4x6 MilD mlr 6 184
Cavalry 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade 1st Dragoons 20 4x5 RegC s, mlc 13 300
  2nd Dragoons 16 4x4 RegD s, mlc 12 232
Artillery 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Light Battery 2 2x1 RegC light lmsb fa 69 158
  Medium Battery 1 1x1 RegC medium mlsb fa 85 95
  Ammo Wagon 1       50 50
Confederate 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Zouaves 25 5x5 MilB mlr 9 275
  1st Homelanders 25 5x5 MilC mlr 8 250
  2nd Homelanders 25 5x5 MilC mlr 8 250
  3rd Homelanders 25 5x5 MilC mlr 8 250
  4th Homelanders 25 5x5 MilC mlr 8 250

Mexican Juarista















100 100
1st 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Zapadores 30 6x5 LightsC mlr 10 360
  Los Supremos Podres 30 6x5 RegC mlr 8 300
2nd  2inC 1       50 50
Brigade 1st Line 30 6x5 MilC mlr 8 300
  2nd Line 30 6x5 MilC mlr 8 300
  3rd Line 30 6x5 MilD sbm 4 180
  4th Line 30 6x5 MilD sbm 4 180
Cavalry 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Line 12 2x6 RegC s, l 13 176
  Lancers 12 2x6 RegC s, mlc 13 176
  Rancheros 12 2x6 MilD l, mlc 11 152
Artillery 2inC 1       50 50
Brigade Battery A 3 3x1 RegC light mlsb fa 69 237
  Battery B 1 1x1 RegC medium mlsb fa 85 115
  Ammo Wagon 1       50 50
Guerillos 2inC 1       50 50
  Red Flag Foot 30 1x30 IrregC mlr 7 225
  Blue Flag Foot 30 1x30 IrregC mlr 7 225
  Yellow Flag Horse 10 1x10 IrregC mlc 10 115
. Spanish Mexican
Foot 4820 4800
Horse 720 720
Guns 6 8


Seeking to take advantage of the confusion reigning in Mexico at the end of the French Intervention, a force of Spanish troops invades to reclaim the territory for His Most Catholic Majesty.  With them are the "Homelanders":  a brigade of Confederate troops looking to carve out a "new South" for themselves down Mexico way.

Both sides set up with their line infantry in the centre, all in line formation.  The Spanish had massed the Confederates on their left flank, and the Talavera Regiment supported by the 1st Dragoons on their right flank.  The Mexicans had their medium artillery and 3rd Line Regiment protecting their left flank; and had massed the Guerillos on their right, supported by the other artillery battery placed on a commanding hill.

As the battle opened, both lines marched smartly towards each other in the centre, with the Mexican Zapadores deploying into skirmish formation.  On the Spanish right, the Talaveras also went into skirmish, advancing forward quickly.  On the Spanish left, the Confederates quick marched forward in column to threaten the Guerillos and Mexican light artillery battery.

The first action was for the Confederate Zouaves and 1st Battalion to deploy into line and fire into the massed Guerillos.  Their fire routed the Guerillos Horse, and did several casualties to both Guerillos Foot regiments.  

Then disaster struck for the Confederates.  The Mexican artillery fired a perfectly aimed barrage at the 1st Battalion:  doing unexpected devastation and wiping out an entire company of 100 men.  The Homelanders were unprepared for this, and routed from the field.  The Guerillos foot then charged the Confederate Zouaves, and incredibly, the Zouaves were bounced back by the mangy Guerillos foot:  who now threatened the flanks of the 2nd Homelanders battalion who were deploying to replace their erstwhile compatriots.

Then 4th battalion of Mexican line infantry (coming across from the centre line) charged the 2nd Battalion of Homelanders.  In an embarrassing display of Confederate incompetence, the 2nd Homelanders were smashed from the field by the D-class conscript levy recruits!  This, now, was too much for the Zouaves, who also fled the field.  With three routing battalions passing them, and the Mexican 4th Line still charging forward, the two remaining Confederate battalions, now disordered by the their panicked comrades, also decided that they had had enough and turned tail and fled!

Meanwhile, on the Spanish right, a squadron of Mexican Line and Lancer cavalry charged forward in an attempt to clear away the skirmishing Talavera regiment.  The first line of Mexican horse was easily destroyed by the Talaveras and this encouraged the 1st Spanish Dragoons to charge through the skirmish line at the second line of Mexican cavalry.  

This line broke and fled before contact had been made, but another two lines of Mexican cavalry (the Rancheros) charged forward.  Although they were outnumbered, the Mexicans managed to rout the 1st Dragoons.  The Talaveras, next in line, dismayed by the loss of their cavalry support and what they had heard about the rout of the Confederate brigade, also gave up the ghost and routed from the field!

With his right flank in ruins and his Confederate allies fleeing, the Spanish commander had no choice but to order a return to their ships.

The Spanish invasion of Mexico was over!


The Spanish lost 60 infantry and 20 cavalry; with their Confederate allies losing 100 men, all to the same artillery barrage.   A total of 180 casualties.  However, the Talavera Regiment, 1st Dragoons and the entire Confederate brigade were routed from the field.

The Mexicans lost 80 Guerillos cavalry; 380 Guerillos foot; 120 line infantry; 60 Zapadores and 90 Lancers.  A total of 730 men.  However, only the Guerillos cavalry and half the Lancers were routed from the field.


A clear victory for the Mexicans.


The turning point of this battle was the devastating Mexican artillery fire on the 1st Confederate Homelanders.

Up until then, the Spanish had definitely held the initiative.  The Confederates were in a position to sweep the Guerillos and Mexican artillery from the field, and then to roll up the Mexican main line.  If this failed, then the Talaveras had achieved a useful overlap on the right, and had begun to annoy the Mexicans facing them with some good skirmish fire.

Then the artillery fire routed the 1st Homelanders leaving a massive hole in the Spanish plans.  The Mexican commander seized the initiative and smashed into the Confederates before they could replace what was a serious but not necessarily fatal loss.  Again fate sided with the Mexicans:  the Zouaves should easily have beaten the Guerillos foot...but they didn't, and then the 'domino' effect of routing units destroyed the Confederate brigade as a fighting force.

Luck wasn't all with the Mexicans:  the Spanish rolled their share of 'double 6's':  just not at any vital moments:   and it's luck at those vital moments that really counts, and having the initiative to exploit that luck that wins battles.

A great battle.  I just hope the Confederates get over being beaten by a load of mangy Guerillos and D-class infantry in time for their next encounter!