Battle Report

Battle Report: 29th December 1993

Late British Indian ~vs~ Late Russian & Afghan

(Nog Norgren ~vs~ Robert Avery)


Late British Indian



Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points


  2inC 1         50
1st Brigade 1st/24th Bttn 40 8x5 RegB blr   520
  Sikh Bttn 32 8x4 RegC mlr   368
  Ghurka Bttn 40 8x5 LightsC mlr   520
2nd Brigade 98th Highlanders 40 8x5 RegB blr   520
  Naval Brigade 24 8x3 RegC blr   300
1st Cavalry 17th Lancers 16 4x4 RegB s,blc,p,l   328
Brigade Sikh Dragoons 16 4x4 RegC s, mlc   248


Bengal Lancers







2nd Cavalry Camel Corps 8 2x4 RegB s,blr   148
Brigade Dragoons 16 4x4 RegB s,blc,p   312
Artillery Battery A 3 3x1 RegB light blrb FA   309
Brigade Battery B 3 3x1 RegB light blrb HA   372
  Battery C 1 1x1 RegB hmg   98
  Battery D 1 1x1 RegB rocket launcher   94
Train Ammo Wagon 1         50

Late Russian & Afghan









Russian CinC 1         100
  2inC 1         50
24th 1st Bttn 48 4x12 RegC mlr*   472
Dneprovski 2nd Bttn 48 4x12 RegD mlr*   424
Regiment 3rd Bttn 48 4x12 RegD mlr*   424
Cavalry Cossacks 30 5x6 RegC s,l   450
Brigade Dragoons 16 2x8 RegB s,mlc   260
  Hussars 24 4x6 RegC s   376
Artillery 1st Battery 3 3x1 RegC light mlrb* FA   267
  2nd Battery 2 2x1 RegC heavy mlrb* FA   232
Afghan CinC 1          
Ghazis Ghazi Fanatics 36 1x36 FanB sp/sw,sh,mlr   339
Tribal Foot Purple Flag 32 1x32 IrregB sp/sw,sh,mlr   239
  Blue Flag 32 1x32 IrregB sp/sw,sh,mlr   239
  Red Flag 18 1x18 MarksmenA sp/sw,sh,mlr   195
  Yellow Flag 18 1x18 MarksmenA sp/sw,sh,mlr   195
Tribal Horse Camelry 6 1x6 IrregC sw,mlr   81
  Purple Flag 10 1x10 FanA sw,sp,sh,mlr   165
  No Flag 10 1x10 FanA sw,sp,sh,mlr   165
Tribal Guns Guns 3 1x3 IrregC light mlsb FA   231
  Total           4086
. Late British Indian Late Afghan/Russian
Foot 4160 5600
Horse 1520 1920
Guns 16 16


As the British Indian force marched forward in column, the Russians anchored their left flank on a hill and deployed into line. Their Afghan allies rapidly advanced: intending to destroy the British in front of them and then hooking round upon the other British force’s flank.

On only the second turn of the battle, the Afghans charged forward. Unfortunately, their actions had been anticipated, and the British had begun to deploy into their deadly firing lines.

Stopped by fire, the Afghan tribesmen stood for a turn, then routed as the British continued to hammer them at close range.

Despite some small successes by the Afghan cavalry, and a brave but unsuccessful charge by the Cossacks, with most of the Afghan force routed or shaken and the British cavalry beginning to come around the hill, the Russian/Afghan general ordered a general retreat.


The Afghans lost 771 infantry and 47 cavalry (mostly in a furious melee that broke the British Lancers). The Russians lost 45 infantry, 71 cavalry - mostly Cossacks.

The British lost 140 Ghurkas; 93 Naval Brigade; 60 Sepoys; 13 Highlanders; 34 Lancers; 9 Sikh Horse; and 18 artillerymen: total 367 men.


A workmanlike victory for the British Indian force.


Both sides used good tactics, but the crucial decision was the British decision to deploy into line to face the Afghan charge. If they had continued to march forward, not realising that the Afghans were close enough to charge, then things would perhaps have been different.

As it was, the battle was decided on the right flank, with the left sides never really getting to grips.