Battle Report: 31st August 1996

Crimean Russian ~vs~ Crimean French

(Robert Avery ~vs~ Richard Avery) .

Crimean Russian



Fig.'s Org. Class Weapons Pts/Fig Points
. CinC


. .. .   100
11th 2inC 1          
(Moscva) 1st Bttn 48 4x12 LightsC mlr    
Infantry 2nd Bttn 48 4x12 RegB sbm    
Regiment 3rd Bttn 48 4x12 RegD sbm    
  4th Bttn 48 4x12 RegD sbm   1650
Attach- Cossack Foot 48 4x12 MilD sbm    
ments Sailors 48 4x12 MilD sbm   656
Cavalry 2inC 1          
Brigade Guard Dragoons 16 2x8 RegB s, mlc    
  Hussars 24 4x6 RegC s    
  Cossacks 30 1x30 IrregC s, l, ½mlc   1078
Artillery Battery A 3 3x1 RegC light mlsb FA    
  Battery B 2 2x1 RegC heavy mlsb FA   469
Train Ammo Wagon 1         50

Crimean French















1st 2inC 1         100
Brigade 1st Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr    
  2nd Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr    
  3rd Bttn 36 6x6 RegC mlr   1202
2nd 1st Bttn (Marines) 36 6x6 RegB mlr    
Brigade 2nd Bttn (Zouaves) 36 6x6 LightsB mlr    
  Attached Turks 24 4x6 RegB mlr   1252
  The Band 20 5x4 RegC mlr   250
Cavalry 2inC 1          
Brigade Guides 12 2x6 RegA s, p    
  Dragoons 12 2x6 RegA s, mlc    
  Cuirassiers 12 2x6 RegB s, armour    
  Lancers 12 2x6 RegB s, l   898
Artillery Battery A 3 3x1 RegB light mlsb FA   249
Train Ammo Wagon 1         50
. Crimean Russian Crimean French
Foot 5760 4080
Horse 1400 960
Guns 10 6


Heavily outscouted by the hordes of Russian Cossacks, the French deployed first: their infantry forming attack columns in the centre, with their cavalry and artillery supporting on the wings.

The Russians massed their entire cavalry force on their left flank, matched the French infantry with their own, and placed the heavy artillery safe behind the river on their right.

The battle commenced with an advance on both sides: with the French moving strongly forward across their entire frontage and sending off a small detachment of Turks to cross the river to threaten the Russian heavy guns. The main advance was, however, delayed by the failure of the 3ieme Battalion, 1ere Brigade to advance quickly without disorder.

The Russians advanced in echelon: sending their left flank forward in an attempt to drive the French onto their centre with the best of the Russian infantry.

The first real action was a massive cavalry charge: with the vast Cossack regiment thundering towards the French Cuirassiers. The French counter-charged, won the impact, followed up, and a massive cavalry melee developed around a hedge. At first the Cuirassiers made good progress, but then the sheer weight of the Cossacks’ numbers (a 2½:1 advantage) overwhelmed them.

The rest of the French force, however, continued unchecked: with the 2ieme Battalion, 1ere Brigade charging over the hedge straight at the Russian heavy infantry. Despite heavy losses from artillery fire, the Glorious Deuxieme thundered into contact and the Russians, appalled by the fact that they hadn’t stopped the French with musket fire, broke before the fearsome column.

The 2ieme had, however, advanced too far: and were quickly sent scurrying back over the hedge. Their charge had provided, however, the cover needed for the French to get the rest of their men into position: with the 3ieme Bttn, 1ere Brigade routing the battered Cossacks with rifle fire.

Unfortunately, the delay by the 3ieme at the beginning of the battle now proved vital: the short Crimean winter’s day drawing to a close. With victory within his grasp (the best of the Russian troops either routed or shaken), the French Commander, reluctant to fight at night, was forced to withdraw.



The Russians lost half their Cossacks and a smattering of infantry: most of their men running away before impact!

The French 2ieme,1ere lost 280 out of 720 men; with the Infantrie de Marine losing 120 men to artillery fire. The French Cuirassiers were almost completely wiped out: with only 40 out of 240 men returning.


A winning draw for the French.


A good battle both in terms of excitement and looks! It was a great shame that time constraints didn’t permit a continuation: but probably quite lucky for the Russians!