A recent quick solo game: a Soviet assault on a German defended village.

Two platoons of German regulars (plus two MMGs)  in the village and low hills either side, backed up by a lone Tiger I.

The Soviets: three infantry platoons plus a depleted mixed T-34/76 & /85 tank company. The Soviets also get a couple of pre-game stonks.

Lessons Learned:

  • MMGs are lethal against infantry at Close Range (as designed)
  • The attackers were desperately in need of more support, either a couple of SU-85/100s to take on the Tiger, freeing up the T-34s to support the infantry or some mortars to suppress the MMGs.
  • Smoke! Oh, for a 2" mortar!

Custom Rules:

  • Infantry fire with a height advantage gets an extra dice - maybe causing the MMGs to be too powerful.
  • Vehicles are either moving or stationary, with one Action to stop. Firing at a moving vehicle or more difficult and fire from a moving vehicle gets a -4 on the Direct Fire table.
  • Changed the direct fire HE rules to something that was suggested on the forum as the originals seem odd.
  • Changed the ground scale to 10m = 20mm because of the small playing area.


  • IABSM is great for a solo game as using 'cards' for to generate the turn sequence is easy to follow!
  • Perhaps next time add a couple of SU-100s or use a Stug rather than the Tiger I which seriously over-matched the T-34s.

James Tree