This game of IABSM was set on the eastern front: a random encounter between Germans and Soviets. As we had the whole of Saturday evening/night for our game, we decided to make it a big one fought out on a good-sized table measuring 180x240cm.

As the Soviets were attacking, we used the hidden Blinds rule for the initial German set up. This meant that the Germans would only be spotted if the Russians got right on top of where they were, or the Germans chose to move or fire, or the Soviets specifically Spotted a certain area. Obviously this only applied to areas such as towns, hills or forests, and not open fields.

The Soviets, on the other hand, would deploy under Blinds as normal:

Although they chose to immediately deploy their armoured units in order to maximise the chances of them moving each turn.

As the Germans were staying hidden, the Russians quickly advanced down the table.

Until the Russian armour bumped into the first of the German units.

And the fighting begins

The Soviet armoured advance is on a narrow front:

95 Iabsm 12.JPG

And the first casualties on both sides start to be worrisome.

But the avalanche of Russian armour is both huge and unstoppable.

Although the German ambushes are also wreaking havoc.

And as soon as the Panthers and their friends enter the scene, it becomes clear the the Soviet green tide is not as unstoppable as first appeared.

And Soviet losses begin to mount up.

In the end, the battle ended with a marginal last minute German victory, as their reinforcements hit the flanks of the confidently advancing Soviet column.

One more afternoon of laughter and fun in good company!

Burt Minorrot