This is a game dating back to 2012 (I'm slowly working my way through the archives) played between Burt and Strategus (the Soviets) and Fasbender and Dae (the Germans). It's a random 15mm set-up using I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! As usual, the Germans were defending a town, with the Soviets attempting to re-take it.

The Germans used their Blinds to try and hide where they deployed, whereas the Soviets, much more numerous, although also using Blinds, didn't bother to try and hide, but spread out right the way across their edge of the table.

The game began with the Russians advancing forward cautiously, almost immediately coming under fire from German artillery concealed within the town.

The Soviets then sent tanks forward in an attempt to outflank the German positions.

The Germans revealed their armour, hidden at the edge of some dense woods. The Soviets, determined to take the town, brought up their katyushkas.

Soviet machine guns units deploy on the top of a hill in order to cover the advance of the infantry. German aircraft attempt to drove of the Soviet T-34s, now approaching dangerously close to their positions.

The Soviet outflanking force of tanks does seem to be having an effect:

Some of the small villages surrounding the town are now in Soviet hands:

But the Germans aren't beaten yet, and their response is not long in arriving, forcing the Soviets to re-locate both to defend themselves and to protect the advance of the infantry, as in the case of their machine guns.

Unfortunately, at this stage we ran out of time, and had to end the game before it became clear who was the winner.