This was scenario 1 from Cymru Am Byth, the Welsh Guards scenario book by the TooFatLardies. The countryside is flat leading towards the railway embankment where the British defenders were. One section of French infantry with a Big Man were in the house on the far left of the map.

The Germans enter from the bottom of the map

The Germans were quickly spotted, and advanced on Arras, with the Panzers quickly leaving their infantry behind. The German CO seemed to become quite enamoured with the farmer's daughter and didn’t move out of the farm all game: we later discovered that his card hadn’t been given to the umpire to add to the deck!

The unstoppable forces of the Fatherland advance

The Germans spotted there was movement in the houses by the railway bridge but weren’t able to see what it was. The French section had retired from their position in the house at the end of the village and very astutely took up a position on the railway embankment (by the green tape) from where they kept the left hand German platoon pinned just out of view for the rest of the game:

The German Panzers made a rush for the railway underpass, forgetting that they only have tin cans. They were ambushed by British infantry who, while not destroying any, did knock several bits off them, at which point due to how slowly the Panzers had been advancing, the British reinforcements of two troops of Vickers MkVIBs arrivedand gave them the coup de gras, causing two to be abandoned.

The second Panzer zug, in Panzer 1s, and the third infantry zug were still on Blinds in the background. They didn’t get past the railway line, which was now strongly held by the Welsh Guards.