Played the first game on the central highway in the XXX Corps ‘Highway to Hell’ mini campaign today with Ralph and Andy of the ‘Like a Stone Wall ‘ Wargames Group at Martyn’s place. Another 12 x 6’ table, we are so very lucky.

Some 16 turns of the tea break card saw the British get a troop of Shermans off the far board edge.

British lost 2 Shermans destroyed, One Sherman immobilised and one firefly destroyed. These were mainly due to attacks with Panzer Fausts.

The Germans lost one Pak40 abandoned, 1MG 42 team destroyed, 2 tank killer teams destroyed, One infantry section captured and most importantly 2 StuG 3 Assault guns destroyed.

These rules are excellent if you follow the tactics of the time and the British were certainly doing that. Lots of infantry fire & movement and smoke cover from 2” mortars blocking enemy fire routes.

First battlefield table win to the British.

Tim Whitworth